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    Help setting up pedals and effects loop….

    Thanks. Yes I used a Strat. Two amps is a headache for loop users. For something simple with two amps you could use an effects loop interface like the twinline effects loop interface by Radial engineering.
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    Help setting up pedals and effects loop….

    I like to use delay in the loop if I have a loop for most sounds. Delay is one of the most dynamic effects to use because of the lowering of volume of each repeat. Reason I like it in the loop is each repeated delay gets lower and lower in volume but retains the same amount of drive or...
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    Anyone still rockin' their JCM 2000 DSLs?

    Love My JCM 200. I put the Mercury Magnetics PT, OT and choke in years ago, It will knock a house down through a 4x12 of vintage 30'S. Here is a quick demo of four Vintage 30 speakers in the same cab, It can make a big difference which ones you choose to record and mix together. It is a very...
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    dog name petition

    You might have to settle for something more subtle like a small part of an amp, Jack.
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    Tone King Iron Man 2 - Rivera Rock Crusher Attentuator

    Hi It's a while ago now but I would have used the 1960B cab for this one (G12T75's) My 1959 SLP with the Metro spec C1998 OT that I installed. An old Fender Strat plus with a Seymour Duncan Full Shred hum bucker and a SM57 mic. Chain was - Guitar, Amp, Rock Crusher, 1960B Cab, Mic, RME...
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    Electrolytic Caps For The Ol' Dogs : Where are we at ?

    I bought some new ARS Caps a couple of years ago but didn't use them. How long can you keep new unused caps for ?
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    Doesn't matter...

    How come you boys are all green up there in that top left corner? shouldn't you bee in bed? I like the JMP, it has that sound just as the note stops, telling me there was "thump" there.
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    The photography thread.

    Another night shot.
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    Masterclass on V30’s

    2006 :(
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    Masterclass on V30’s

    Guess what year my Vintage 30's are.
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    10 Celestion speakers comparison (110 seconds)

    Nice work. Four G12H75's for me please.
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    NSD - New Saw Day

    I like the old drills as most of the new Chinese junk feel like they are made from old tin cans. I did one of my old drills up once and used lifters from a 351 Cleveland for the handles. I brazed the inner piston to the handle then clipped the outer body back on. They rotate as you pull down on...
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    NSD - New Saw Day

    Nice! I had to see my whole workshop before I moved. All I have left is tooling for my Lathe and Mill which I will have to sell cheap as not many people seem to be using this stuff now here in Australia. I still have my bench drill which is handy but will miss the lathe and mill. That looks...