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    New to me Dsl 100H I can't hear the reverb at all.

    I tried the reverb on my DSL100H also. It is probably the most useless reverb circuit I have ever heard. I agree with the Hall of Fame suggestion. Put one of those in your loop and turn the on board reverb off.
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    Any love for schecter guitars here?

    I am certainly a fan. I've got a C-1 Classic and a prototype that never went into production. That one is a C-1 Hellraiser, all mahogany body with the gothic cross inlays, a Sustainiac and a Duncan Nazgul. Awesome guitars!
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    Which Marshall Signature Amp would you choose?

    I would go with the JS. First difference is replacing a somewhat uninspiring reverb with a useful noise gate. Second and more important is the duplicate voicing in channels 3 and 4. This is perfect when doing stuff like Checkenfoot. Use channel 3 with the mids a little scooped so you don't...
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    Boss GX-100 Multi-effects pedal on a JCM800 SC

    Do you have a speaker cab model or IR enabled? That would kill the tone when used with the 4CM on a guitar amp.
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    VH tribute w/Satch?

    You guys read my mind when you mentioned Pete Thorn. While Satch is a great player and can definitely pull it off, he isn't the perfect fit for this gig. Pete falls into Eddie's groove and tone way more neatly.
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    I love all my guitars

    Not all of them, but the ones I don't love I keep for specific reasons. One is my Schecter C1 Hellraiser. Its cool because it is a prototype that never went into production. All mahogany with a Sustainiac and a Duncan Nazgul. Another is my Danelectro 12SDC. It is great when I need a 12...
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    Artists *without* Marshalls

    Totally different genre, but I didn't notice anyone mention BB King's Lab Series L5. Talk about tone from a solid state amp.
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    Looking to buy first Gibson LP! Never get a break!

    Why bother? I traded a Gibson Lucille for a PRS Custom 24. The clear coat is chipped, has scratches on the back and it is a dark purple when I really like the amber finish. I did the trade because it was the best guitar I ever played. It is now my #1, in fact thats the one in my profile...
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    Jonesing for a new axe, 80’s style!

    Have you had a chance to try out one of these new Kramers? I tried a new Tobias bass after Epiphone took over and they are very disappointing. The Gibson made Toby wasn't anywhere near as good as Michael's custom shop, but they were head and shoulders better than the current line being...
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    What's your Cheapest Guitar? And do you like it?

    We including basses in this thread? If so, then it would be my Squire Classic Vibe P-Bass. If not, then my Danelectro 12 string. Amazed at how well both of these play and sound considering the price. Danelectro 59 12-string by Mike J posted Jul 20, 2021 at 4:06 PMSquire P-Bass by Mike J...
  11. Squire P-Bass

    Squire P-Bass

    Squire P-Bass
  12. Danelectro 59 12-string

    Danelectro 59 12-string

    Danelectro 59 12-string
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    If you could only have one guitar, what would it be?

    I'd have to go with my Kiesel DC600. Being able to get Les Paul-ish and Strat-ish tones out if it is good, but when you stir in the piezo saddles and that that amazing Koa top, I don't think I could leave that one behind.
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    Do you obsess with your guitar playing and how much ?

    I used to until I realized my obsession drove me to always practice. I never sat back to just enjoy playing. Whats the point of honing your skills to that level if you don't leave yourself some time to make music? I'm getting older and have far fewer years ahead of me than I have behind me, so...
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    Should I Do It?

    I think HJS has the best of everything in the JVM world. Instead of a fairly poor reverb it has a useful gate. Also having two channels voiced exactly the same is sheer brilliance for the performing player. You can maintain the same tonal character between the two channels but boost the mids...

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