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  • I'm not hard of hearing, I just turn up the volume if it's available.
    I hope you resolve you issues with the DSL40CR Classic Gain Static.
    I'll listen for it on MY rig, and report back.
    I'm pretty happy with a handful of my recent Marshall rigs.
    Best of luck to you with the DSL40CR. My band is a bit loud and crunchy, and I play as loud as I can with respect @ my apartment.
    I lease an office building 4 miles from my home and use it for loud music. My lease at the "band building" is costless from renting space to to other bands.
    I'll be listening for the DSL 40 CR Classic Gain Static and report back.
    Max Gahne
    Hi Elliot, It isn't my DSL40, I was just trying to give the guy some ideas about his problem. I've built all my own amps for years and just on a lark decided to get my first factory made amp since 1978, a little DSL1C. I love it, what a great little amp! I only play the guitar to make the distortion :)
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