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  • Hi

    Do you have an online store that shows all the tubes you sell? I am interested in a Mullard I61 for my marshall DSL40CR.

    100h Tube replacement for el34 Mesa boogies one Jan vintage in the first position heyboer Transformer and choke 100 silver Mica chip any suggestions

    Heard of the band - Nick Nasal and the Five Nasty Nose Pickers - famous for playing a medley of there Hit - " I've Got your Boogie "
    Hi Marty, can you recommend tubes for my Marshall Dsl40c? I'd like to get a decent clean sound, along with a good VH type of overdrive tone. I'm currently using a mix of tungsol, jj, and Sovtek.

    Hi MartyStrat54. New DSL40C owner here and have a question on tubes - looks your the go to guy for this :) I have a post in the DSL Thread on page 429 near the bottom, post #8575 looking for your opinion on my tube options with Sweetwater. If you get a chance to review it I'd really appreciate it!. Thanks!
    fuses blowing in my amp avt 150. replaced the tdas like they all have issues with. Still blowing fuse one of the first caps on the 50 volt circuit took care of that 50 volts going out to the pcb plugs like I should plugged in the PCBs and blew one of the new tdas issue soldering ordered PCBs new and no smoke when installed the fans are running everything lights up but no sound what so ever. any help please
    Hello,I got Marshall code25 today but I can't start play because I got electric shock from both Guitar and amp,con you please help me out?
    Part III of the Message
    The interesting thing is that if I leave the amp on for say two hours the level and quality of the of sound is much better even on the classic channel but I can still hear these hums on the classic channel.
    I assume it is a preamp tubes issue (ECC 83)? Or something else?
    Thank you in advance,
    Part II of the message
    I can hear a mild bedroom level sound if I go to maximum 10 but I assume this is not OK. On the same channel when I switch to Crunch mode, the level of the sound is much better. But on the same channel from time to time I can hear hums that resemble a distant thunder like sound. This hum is not heard on the The Ultra Gain Channel.
    Hi Marty
    Part I of the message
    I hope you can help me on this issue. I recently purchased brand new Marshall DSL 40C and I am having an issue with Classic (Clean) Channel that is not loud enough. As a matter a fact it is very quiet.
    After a recommended time for stand by, when I switch the amp ON on the classic channel I can not hear any sound even if I dial the knobs of GAIN and Volume to 5.
    Hi Marty, Im new to this forum and im trying to get some feedback to a problem i have with my amp, its making a weird noise, i made a youtube video and want to get some response but i don't know how to get a conversation started started with the members can you advise me please, thanks ,kev.
    Hey Marty, It's been a while. I have some tube questions for you, if I may: first, I acquired some Bugle Boy tubes and I know that Amprex marked certain ones for use in audio amps, I have 2 that are marked with a green dot and 1 marked with a yellow dot (12AX7's) do you happen to know what these color codes mean?
    The ones w/ the colored dots were made for test equipment, such as distortion analyzers or o scopes. These are selected for certain gain and distortion characteristic. BB had the best matching lab, they used an HP spectrum analyzer to screen tubes...but BB is good for audio applications, however the ones you have were not selected specifically for audio.
    I had read somewhere on the net about the dots having some meaning for audio but there is a lot of crap on the net. I pulled these out of an Ampex reel to reel, these 3 long plates and two 12AU7's so I kind of figured that what I read was legit. Thanks for the info.
    Hi MartyStrat54,
    I have a Marshall DSL40C
    I was playing this evening & I heard a loud click sound. Afterwards my amp buzzes a lot more than it did before the clicking sound.
    Its six weeks old. Any ideas what iy might be?
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