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    Took a video of all my speakers individually (all blown?)

    I had a few blown speakers and they’ve all played/made sound. But they sounded like something was loose - like the cab vibrating for example. Here are a few things you can do test speaker: - Try them in another amp - With the speaker disconnected briefly touch the speaker terminals with a 9v...
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    Variac safety

    My understanding is that as long as the amp uses a three prong/grounded plug you're ok as the chassis is grounded. It's only the older 2 wire/death cap amps that are a concern and should be connected to an isolation transformer. If you have an ammeter on your variac you can monitor the current...
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    The Official Marshall DSL40c Information Thread

    It looks like the 2 button foot switch only toggles between channels so you‘d need the 6 button to switch between modes. From the manual: The channel can also be selected using the supplied 2-way footswitch. When the 2-way footswitch is connected, the front panel mode switch (Clean/Crunch or...
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    The Official Marshall DSL40c Information Thread

    Keep us posted regarding the tube rolling. I don't recall anything about the bias points reading low (I have this amp as well), but I have read numerous threads recommending to bias the amp on the low side otherwise it can be fizzy sounding. When I bought my amp the bias was on the hotter side...
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    The Official Marshall DSL40c Information Thread

    Preamp tubes are actually two tubes in one. In schematics you'll see them labeled as V1A & V1B to reference each half of the first tube/valve, for example. The Clean/Crunch channel on the DSL40C only uses the 1st half of V1 (V1A), then it goes to V2 after that. The Ultra Gain channel uses...
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    Making a dummy load

    Correct, the +/- are the speaker outs. I connect the scope probe + to the + side and the negative alligator clip to the - terminal. Here's a video I made for the owner of a Marshall MG250DFX that I was working on to show that the clean and OD channels are working (using a 1KHz signal into the...
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    Making a dummy load

    Yours looks pretty slick - I like it (and the Glock mat it’s on). Off topic - thinking of getting the 43X for concealed carry. I have a model 22 in .40 S&W but being a full frame it’s bigger than I’d want for carry. Back to our regularly scheduled program…
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    Making a dummy load

    No, an ISO transformer is not needed as you're measuring the voltage across the terminals. I have a Sencore PR57 isolation transformer/variac but have only used it for the variac function. My understanding that as long as the amp is grounded you don't need an ISO transformer. If I ever get an...
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    Fixed or Cathode bias. What is the deal??

    Just to add to the confusion, some fixed bias amps do not have trim pots so they are not adjustable (some Peaveys, early Fender Blues DeVille, Crate Vinatge Clubs, to name a few). Typically those are biased on the colder side so you can swap tubes and not have to worry about them running too hot...
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    Bandit 65 into Marshall 412??

    Quick Google search for the manual shows that it’s an 8 ohm amp - should also be marked on the back of the amp. Looks like the speaker is wired in and it doesn’t have an external jack, and while solid state amps are more forgiving in terms of speaker load, its probably better to just disconnect...
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    Reverb Cashier’s check scam??

    As Gunner said if you're going to accept a check you need to wait until it clears before you send the item. But I don't know many people that would send $2,300 and wait for their item to be shipped. Doesn't sound legit if you ask me.
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    Sup dudes? Couple of clips from this past weekend's gig.

    Excellent! Cool that you and your son are playing together too! He's got some great chops. I'd be a little weary about pulling the headstock on that LP if I were him LOL. Thanks for sharing.
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    Already blew my G10 Creamback...?...

    Thank you for clarifying about disconnecting the speaker before testing it with the battery. I assumed, but you know how that goes... I'll update my post just in case someone reads it and starts testing before finishing the thread.
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    Already blew my G10 Creamback...?...

    I know it looks like you solved the problem, but going forward to check the speaker here are a few things you can do (aside from trying it in another amp): - With the speaker disconnected (thanks @PelliX) briefly touch the speaker terminals with a 9v battery and the cone should push out...
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    NAD- Tweaker 15

    Someone is on an Egnater buying frenzy 😀. Congrats on a great little amp there. I bought a broken one a while back to repair and resell but ended up keeping it for a while. Eventually sold it as ultimately my plan is to repair and resell, not repair and keep :) We downsized when the kids left...