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    Bought a Marshall 1960 Lead Slant for $50 and need some guidance

    Fender tube amps sound fine through Marshall 4x12 cabs, impedance mismatch and all. I've done it.
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    Ibanez S420 new top

    Funny being an Ibanez that it was not called the Katana. Maybe it was in reference to the F-86 fighter jet? S could being paying homage to the shamisen.
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    Why do Marshall amps have such piercing high treble capabilities?

    The Jubilee's bright cap is 1000pf, which is I believe the same as most 2203s. I have experimented with different bright cap values on my 87 50 watt Jubilee, and the effect on the amp voicing is rather profound. I put the stock one back in.
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    Why do Marshall amps have such piercing high treble capabilities?

    Yes. If you examine the schematic of the Jubilee tone stack and compare it to the tone stack of a Hiwatt you will behold some amazing similarities. Another thing interesting about the Jubilee tone stack is ( like on a Hiwatt) that it follows the plate of V2B instead of the cathode. The bass...
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    Who here has HAD a “Plexi”…

    My plexi doesn't get played as much in recent years, but I have no plans to get rid of it. I like higher gain, especially with strats, but I don't use pedals. So in most cases it gets used for cleans. I'm thinking about building a John H attenuator.
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    NGD Second Knaggs inbound

    I have long wanted a USA graphic on a guitar, but I envision a V with the graphic. Very cool guitar.
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    Gibson Sonex 180

    Sounds like a type of fiberglass. Wow $750 in 1981. No wonder noboby bought them.
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    1980 JCM 800 A-cab w/ GT-65's- opinions?

    If it does have the 65's, and it sounds good, it would probably be a trade up as a trade in with your 75 loaded cab, as a match up for your SC20H, depending on the type of music you play. The G12-65 with the large dust caps (different speakers from the late model G12M-65 Creamback) is a match...
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    Ibanez S420 new top

    Ah, much better.
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    NAD Silver Jubilee 2555X

    Also consider a used horizontal 1936V. They have been birch ply for the last 10 years.
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    **Looking to get an Epiphone LP Custom Pro. What do y'all think?**

    Ironically, I just saw a sweet water ad for a custom shop 59 standard reissue. $9.7K. That epi is a much better value.
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    this is pathetic

    I was in a guitar shop years ago and a local guy was telling how he was asked to play an out doors gig with a big C&W vocal act. He said he would but then he asked; well do you have a tape or something he could learn the songs from. They started laughing and said "oh no your not going to...
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    [NAD] Silver Jubilee 2525h

    Oh yeah it has nice master with a gradual taper. Way different from a JCM800 which comes on fast. I use very high output master settings. I would rather use the low power mode on the 2525H than turn the master down to 6. I also use fairly high input gain setting from 6 to 8 although I don't...
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    [NAD] Silver Jubilee 2525h

    Your in a better position to sort this, having the other two studio's at hand. With my Jubes, I do adjust the input gain to the guitar. For example, my Charvel needs less input gain than my 62 strat. It's not much adjustment. It little will do ya.
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    Do You Gig with a Back-Up Head? - I had H.T. Fuse Blow! Tube-Change Frequency?

    I saw Jeff Beck back in the 80's and his (non Marshall) amp blew up mid song. No back up. What a bummer. He did come back out on a mic'ed acoustic, though. What a bummer.