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    A JCM 900 played the way Jim intended

    Professional 900 it.

    Marshall JCM 900 Dual Reverb - Boss DS-1

    All my Marshalls get a overdrive pedal in the front. I always setup a nice Marshall crunch then kick on and off the pedal depending on the song. My JMD-1 sounds great with a pedal in the front, the TS-9 adds a nice mid hump to the tone. One note to all this...... I used a New pink Ibanez Jr at...

    Marshall JCM 900 Dual Reverb - Boss DS-1

    About two weeks ago I took my 900 4100 to band practice a hit the front end with a TS-9 and a bad Monkey. I kept the amps gain sort of low and hit the front hard and it sounded awesome now I did buy the amp used and have never opened it up to see if it has mods. Side note the volume is up to...

    Fattening up a DSL40c lead tone?

    Clip C19 and Bad Monkey over drive like Jethro Rocker suggested. The problem for me on my DSLs was one eq for two channels. I would switch channels for a volume boost and the tone was just not what I wanted for a lead sound and then they added a gain stage. I have found that more gain on the...

    Marshall MOSFET life is real. Get it while the gettin' is good.

    I will report back what happens tonight.

    Marshall MOSFET life is real. Get it while the gettin' is good.

    I found a PIC of mine its on the very to of the pile. It's now on the floor under a table, I will show it some love tonight.

    Marshall MOSFET life is real. Get it while the gettin' is good.

    I have one that is Un-Loved just need a few things to be up and running. You have peaked my interest so tonight I will see what it will take to fire it up and decide if the (No Love is unfair).

    Used Marshall prices?

    before the show

    Used Marshall prices?

    I think lots of folks started learning guitar and bought lots of used stuff up. In about a year when the give up the used market will be back. I have been looking for another JMD1 100 watt head and they are just not out there or the price is 900 for an amp that was 400-500 used. On the bright...

    Scam Email (Marshall Forum Survey)

    I got it and just deleted it.

    JMD:1 loss of volume

    I did run into what seemed like the amp would not boot up like when my computer hates me at work.

    JMD:1 loss of volume

    Could be the standby switch and just double check your connections/try another speaker cable. also power on/off a couple of times and try the amp in manual mode (the default mode when you power on the amp). with the amp off take the volume and cycle it a few time 0-10 the give it a try.

    Whats up with used gear prices? WOW

    I have been looking for another JMD-1 Head for under 500.00 and there is nothing out there. I have 2 heads and a JMD combo all purchased for under 500.00. I have seen combo amps 700-800 heads around 800-1000. The COVID put the pause on me getting an amp I don't need but must have. Used sports...

    Modded JVM sound clips

    Love the TWAAAANNGG and definition of all the notes is the cords. I would like to hear some runs up and down the neck with some bends and notes feeding back. yes its a list of stuff but I needed for a full evaluation. What I hear sounds great. The missing something thing (I have never found an...

    JVM 410 HJS

    lots of people base their comments/purchase choices on YT videos because lots of music stores just don't have the selection of amps to try. I for one love bad comments it keeps the price lower on used amps. the other thing that can get lost is the tone of the amp comes from the fingers...

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