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    Today was a good day....

    Mesa's V30s are and have always been Celestion branded. However, they are and have always been manufactured in the UK, whereas production of all Celestion branded V30s moved to China, sometime in the 00's. The Mesa ones have another T-number, just have a look at bygone tones. Marshall branded...
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    Celestion Lead Classic 80

    Thank you ! Too many mistakes though. But it was just noodling around to shwo off the amp, not my playing :jam: I solely use Music Man Axis Sport or Super Sport guitars, so did I this time :)
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    Celestion Lead Classic 80

    I recently discovered the Classic Lead 80 as my go-to speaker for tight drop-D 90s/00s higain. I have been wondering for a longer time, why everybody is using the Vintage 30s (or similar speakers/clones) for higain. These speakers will compress and/or add saturation, even overdrive to the sound...
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    Any Celestion V30 experts here?

    Congratz on that well-made cab! Some months ago I tested a Haey Benton 4x12 Vintage and a Mesa Recto 2x12. The Mesa V30 version, which many consider to be the holy grail of V30 variants, was slightly tamed compared to the Chinese V30 in that HB cab. But it was not worlds apart, and I'd easily...
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    NAD: First new Marshall in 6 years....Original 1987 Silver Jubilee!

    Well, as I can see on your picture, in your wall of Marshalls, you already own a 2555SL. Well, that IS a Jubilee, just with different Slash cosmetics. If you know the SL, then you know your Jubliee.
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    NAD: First new Marshall in 6 years....Original 1987 Silver Jubilee!

    You're welcome!! Wooooowwwwww..... I always thought I had too many amps. Now I know better :D ( it's not, that you have too many, it's that I DON'T have too many... )
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    NAD: First new Marshall in 6 years....Original 1987 Silver Jubilee!

    This is how a proper NAD is done !! Perfect choice, to me this is THE Marshall with THE classic mid-to-late 80's hardrock tone. Concerning dropouts: the FX loop is series and always in the signal path. With nothing plugged in, the signal goes over switched contacts of the send and return jacks...
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    Probleme combo jubilee

    ...also don't forget to check the Send/Return jacks of the FX loop. Its contacts may have corroded, depending on, where the combo(s) have been stored. This might especially be an issue with old 80s Jubilee combos, but you didn't tell us if this is a newer 20 Watts Mini Jubuliee combo, or (an)...
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    Post YOUR Marshall Silver Jubilee TONES !

    To me the Marshall G12 Vintage have more upper treble than the Celestion Vintage 30. They're not worlds apart, but it's clearly discernable. To me, with this, the top end sizzle of the lead channel or even rhythm clip mode in clean channel, is enhanced. I like it, but some won't. Maybe due to...
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    Two Heads - One Cabinet

    Or you use a switcher like one of these: Also Peter Arends, now working for Boutique Amps Distribution, develeped switching matrices for more elaborate multi...
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    AFD100 or 2525H

    The AFD mimics the sounds of the GnR records and some Slash albums. I'd bet there are more recordings with Slash using the originals, that where used developing the AFD amp, than recordings with Slash using a Jubilee. When I was a young man, I had a Jubilee 1x12" combo, and I always wondered how...
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    Marshall Reissues new FX Loop Upgrade!

    IRRC, the loop of the reissues was based on opamps. Generally spoken, when designed "right", using opamps will reduce the likeliness of having FX devices alter the tone, when engaged. They "decouple" the devices connected really well. Although I have no experience with it, just from a gut...
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    A little bit of 900-love found on YouTube

    The 900s aren't plugged in, he may have used them as power amps. The DSL is most likely used as there is a cable to the input. I had a DR 25 years ago, can't remember that I particularly disliked it, but that was my first Marshall and I was like 19 or 20. Also I often hear good sounds on...
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    Best headphones practice amp?

    I have this one: In terms of realistic sounds, good IR's are hard to beat. Also the "Space" feature reduces the "in your head" feeling quite a bit. The stock IR's are kinda muffled or artificial, but do the job. You can however load other IRs (there are...
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    Small box 2553 silver jubilee.....why?

    Do it !! I second what Kinkless said, plus, it doesn't necessarily have to be loud to sound good. However, it gains soundwise when played loud. It also depends, on how you like to use it. If you consider it as a single channel amp, you might turn the master way up, past 6/10 or so, and then...