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    DSL5CR clean -> breakup, how? The only mod I did was up the resistor in series with the LED so that was no longer like a laser hitting you in the eyes.
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    Marshall Good Bad and Ugly

    Why they did what they did with the effects loop(s) will always remain a question for me.
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    Your DSL sounds better than mine

    Yeah, the 22. I played through the one with the regular speaker once. The clean channel with a mid boost that’s switchable from the floor was really nice. I can see it being a good pedal platform, especially with a V30. The dirty channel was like a Boogie Lonestar but a little more raw maybe? I...
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    Your DSL sounds better than mine

    I don’t know about the iron either but they’re a really good value. Change a half dozen caps/resistors and you’re back to the JCM2k. Two master volumes and the ability to access all 4 modes from the floor. Plus the V-type on the DSL combo isn’t a bad speaker at all. I wouldn’t feel bad about not...
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    Your DSL sounds better than mine

    Kinda like how there’s a V30 in this bad boy…
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    Your DSL sounds better than mine

    Is it me or do the 100W Vietnamese DSL heads have a smaller logo and/or different tolex than the English versions? They look kinda cheap. I know my DSL20H does. … I know, I’m being a douche.
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    Your DSL sounds better than mine

    Does a DSL50 head that has all four modes overhauled count? ;)
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    Friedman Amplification?

    How so???
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    TSL resonance pot?

    I switched back to 220k/4.7n as well. I’m pretty happy with it. We’ll see how it works out at band practice.
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    Friedman Amplification?

    Nice use of the caps button bro. Made your post super easy to read.
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    ACDC Tone: Marshall DSL40 or Origin 20?

    Circuit wise: Origin I’m just about finishing up a DSL50 and the bias resistor of the last stage of gain was set to the classic Bassman value. It so happens that I’m using the same bias resistor on the first gain stage of the Origin as well and I can definitely say the crunch mode on this...
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    High gain lunchbox amp shootout (DSL20, Mesa, ENGL etc)

    In order of preference: PRS ENGL Peavey Mesa EVH Marshall I think the Engl sounds best for the single note stuff. It sounds excellent overall. The Peavey sounds great with chords and riffage. Overall PRS. There wasn’t a single part where it didn’t excel. If I were only able to use one amp...
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    TSL100 bypass lead c6 and crunch c3?

    Yes, off the second gain stage. High gain amps use cascaded gain stages and bass needs to be managed along the way if you don’t want the tone to flub out.
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    TSL100 bypass lead c6 and crunch c3?

    The 22nF is there so plenty of bass is available for the clean channel. C3 and C6 tighten the bass for the crunch and lead channels.
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    Adjusting your eq depending on volume

    It looks like you have your gain on.