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    OK, Blue Guitars Now.....

    Just ordered it yesterday always wanted this color, ever since I got my first musiciansfriend catalogue.
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    Just some Craigslist VENTING

    well I have a sucess story, I just traded a fender mexican p bass for a egnater rebel 20. The guy bugged me about it for two weeks and was like I think you're getting the better deal. Mine was a 94 pbass but it was in good condition and last time I checked the new p bass's cost more than the...
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    A little update about me

    Ahhaha I didn't even catch that. Typing on an iPad can be a challenge sometimes with autocorrect
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    A little update about me

    Thanks guys it's been fun so far. I still love my Marshall's. They are just some impractical Amps for most of the gigs I play, for that matter my 60 watt fender deville is too much for a lot of gigs. That's one of the reason I'm going to switch to my hot rod deluxe, it's only 40 watts and not...
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    A little update about me

    My finish on my Strat did not last long
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    A little update about me

    Well, I've been off of the forum for awhile now. Not because I was mad or anything just completely forgot, I've been fairy busy. So any last year about this time i got asked to join a country band which was completely different from what I originally liked to play, never disliked country but it...
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    Which trem do you prefer: 6-point or 2-point?

    I see what you did there..:cool:
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    Well I traded my Joe Pass epi, for a Gibson SG faded Saturday. The bridge pickup is a little weak and for some reason the neck is like 2x the output of the bridge and I raised it up a lot. But I mainly wanted to ask this question. I'm wanting to upgrade it, and I was wondering what the best pick...
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    NBD Fender AMSTD P Bass

    yeah, plays great. My bud is showing me around, I wanted a j bass but this one was too good of a deal to pass up. I'll get there eventually, and I think it could definitely help the guitar playing as well. They call it mystic red now but it definitely is a (car) to me as well.
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    NBD Fender AMSTD P Bass

    I got this new well open box demo fender american standard precision bass, got it at a great deal. One problem I can't play bass but I figured if I'm going to buy an american standard I better step up to the plate and learn how to do it right. :cool:
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    Strat v Les Paul

    I love them both and have them both, I just play better on my strat because thats what I'm most accustomed to. Anyway chose what you like, oh and I happen to love my stock diamondbucker on my usa strats. get a good classic rock tone or whatever if you tweek it and I can get a good clean twang...
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    I need some stuff for an incoming SG

    :yesway: Congrats btw, I hope you and this sg get along well together bud.
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    I need some stuff for an incoming SG

    idk the standard 490r,498t sound good to me in my sg not over the top but not week either. the new standards have the classic 57's in them, that could be a possibility for you?
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    I was in Nashville last weekend and....

    You should've dropped by gruhn guitars downtown, mind would've been blown.... Trust me.
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    Broke Out A Couple Stored Strat's

    Yeah man, all of my strats have a different feel and personality to them. That's whats great about a strat, and why I can't have enough of them.

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