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    New to Marshall Forum

    Welcome to the forum...!
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    NAD: SV20H

    Congrats on the new Marshall...!
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    Favorite Recorded Marshalls on a Song or Album (legendary or current)

    I read that the Allman Bros used JBLs in their Marshall cabs......but after blowing 4 Celestions I can understand why....that was a great guitar sound..Whipping Post!
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    New Amp Day - SV20C

    Congrats on the new Marshall...U have a cool wifey!
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    NMD: Lead 12 .... best bedroom plexi!

    I played thru my Lead 12 I bought back in 82 last sounds best with the gain all the way up....otherwise...not so good.... : (
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    Introduction and circa 66’ Pinstripe cabs

    I tried to buy 2 EMPTY P.A. cabs .with no backs a few years ago from a dealer...and the guy wanted 800$ for both....they looked cool but priced too high!
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    G12M Creamback or Scumback M75-PVC or... for open back 1x12?

    I use a g12m 65 Creamback in one of my cabs....and it always sounds great with any amp I plug it into....if prices were not going up I would buy another!
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    Your first Marshall was...

    I bought a new 1973 SuperLead 100 watt that was awesome at blowing speakers in my had to go...still miss it...I wonder where it is now?
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    NAD! SC20h

    Congrats on the new Marshall...!
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    New Marshall Day!!

    Have been using my Origin20H for a year or so and still love it!
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    NGD: 1998 Gibson Les Paul Standard

    Congrats on getting that beauty...!
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    Epiphone Firebird - Have You Played One?

    I bought an Epi Firebird last year...just walked in Sam Ash...and there it was...after looking years for sounds even better than my Gibson LP...the body is awkward and large...but it sounds great thru my Origin20...if you can find it!
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    Marshall Studio Classic SC20C price drop in Europe

    1749.99 is way too much for any 20 watt head....I am shocked I tell you !....price of tubes going way up ....its not fair : (
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    NAD - SV20H

    Congrats on the new ones may be out of everybodys price range now... : (
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    Two new Space Echo pedals from Roland

    I want both....but at their prices can not afford either at this moment....399$ is a little high....