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    Your Perpetual Amp Rig

    I didn't realize the series was from 2018.
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    Are there any good solid state heads for gigging?

    I acquire recently a Hiwatt Crunch 50 combo. Indeed, they take pedals like a charm. And their clean channel is in my opinion the very best tranny clean I have ever heard. A plus: they look like the old beast and as solid. They aren't light at all. The heads are a bargain at the price they sell...
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    Your Perpetual Amp Rig

    My perpetual amp rig is a recent one. It consists of a Marshall Origin20C with the combo's speaker and a Traynor DHX112(Greenback) both plugger in the two outputs for 16 Ohms. I always liked my Marshall amps (plexi areas) with a boost (not distortion or overdrive ones) in between the amp and...
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    Marshall Origin 5C as first tube amp?

    I owned an Origin 5C, I quickly dispense with for an Origin 20C. It isn't for nothing Marshall discontinued the 5C. It was a good idea, however, the 8" speaker, no master volume, made it practically useless in the format Marshall put out on the market. It could work if you already own at least...
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    Whats The Most Affordable Gibson Les Paul Solid Wood?

    I remember these when they came out in 74. Gibson had ads for them in Guitar Player at the time, with Carlos Santana using one. Carlos didn't use it a lot, as far as I know. He switched from Gibson to Yamaha, the model resembling an SG with an LP thickness, a very few months later. I bought...
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    NGD LP chibson

    My brother acquired a couple of these, since the very limited Gibsons of such LP went for a fortune. He didn't expect too much, and he already had excellent American made instruments. Though they looked good, of course they aren't the $8k or $9K demanded for the real things. I tried them both...
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    Why do Marshall amps have such piercing high treble capabilities?

    No, I have never tried one. Decades ago, I owned a Marshall Lead 12, a transistor affair that did sound well at low volume. It wasn't tube though it had quite the feel and the sound we look for. I regret selling it.
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    Why do Marshall amps have such piercing high treble capabilities?

    Marshall, in general, do not sound good at low volume. Even with the lower wattage tube amps, very low volume settings do not give the sound most guitarist desire. If you use a master volume amp, the gain at a high setting will work only if the master volume is set past 2 (or 1 if a boost...
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    New Marshall Day!!

    Thanks for the info.
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    New 10” speaker for DSL5CR vs DSL40CR

    If you have a good 1X12 cab, it does the trick. However, it seems you do not have one, therefore, the 10" Greenback will improve your sound. My Origin 20C has the same speaker as in the DSL 5 I believe. It too must resemble the one in your amp. Not the greatest speaker, that's for sure.
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    New Marshall Day!!

    I was planning to get the Origin vertical 2X12 cabs. But, the prices have gone through the roof!! Plus, it comes with 70/80s (not that great speakers). At first, they were $399 here in Canada, then they went shortly after to $499, next in no time at all to $599. My Fender Champion 50XL has a...
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    What will Marshall present at the 2022 NAMM?

    Indeed, Boss and Fender have quite a few good and affordable SS models. The present Marshall trannies need improving. For instance, Fender Champions, Boss Katanas offer better choices in the 40 (Champion 40) or 50 (Katana 50 and Fender Champion 50XL) watts range with 12" speakers. I acquire...
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    New Marshall Day!!

    I did the same, though I purchased the combo version. I plug the combo into a Traynor 1X12 cab which contains a 12" Celestion Greenback. Amazing sound!! For those who own the combo, plug the internal speaker in the amp 16 Ohms output and a cab at also 16 into the other one. It sounds great! I...
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    Origin or DSL?

    Indeed, the Origin amps are affordable Plexis. I owned the real thing way back in the early 70s, and my Ori20C does a great job at much more decent sound level. It also depends on the sound you desire. You mentioned a cleaner sound. Are you aiming at Classic Rock with the related...

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