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    Relic'd Guitars are for Posers

    Your money, your choice, your guitar...
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    Marshall jtm45 reissue pedals etc

    Highly recommend Wilson Sparkling Blue miab
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    Long may you enjoy!
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    What pedal to get?

    Very happy with my Wilson Sparkling Blue Marshall Guv 'nor clone...
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    Metal Caster Cups

    Metropoulos black metal caster cups for 1960B Never used - set of 4 with screws. $50.00 plus $5.00 shipping (USA only)
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    I finally got an R9 !!!

    Long may you enjoy!
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    Who uses a treble booster?

    Happy with a Fulltone Ranger The internal bias trim is the key to happiness
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    New amp day! First Marshall

    Long may you enjoy!
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    What's your Cheapest Guitar? And do you like it?

    Bought it on a whim - glad I did...
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    NGD - LP Classic 2021

    Long may you enjoy!