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    2008 Voodoo Modded Marshall JVM 410-$2600 Shipped CONUS

    For Sale- Voodoo Modded 2008 Marshall JVM 410H. This amp started as a Voodoo Modded Deluxe Mod, with a modded preamp and Mercury Magnetics Output Transformer. I then had a famous amp builder Install a Mercury Magnetics Choke and Mercury Magnetics Input transformer. Amy comes with brand new JJ...
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    Voodoo Modded Marshall JMP1 $550 Shipped Conus

    Price drop $450 shipped CONUS
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    Voodoo Modded Marshall JMP1 $550 Shipped Conus

    Voodoo Modded Marshall JMP1 $550 Shipped Conus Deluxe Mod ... mpMod.aspx Excellent condition, missing 1 screw, a couple minor scratches
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    Boss DD-500 and Marshall JVM

    Boss DD-500 and Marshall JVM.. Has anyome tired this pair? Just want to see if the loop on the JVM is compatable
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    Any Boss Delay Pedals Work With Jvm

    Thank you. What I meant is, are there any Boss delays with enough headroom to handle the loop? I have used the DD3, but it distorts. Are the later DD6 or DD7 models more compatable?
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    Any Boss Delay Pedals Work With Jvm

    Has anyone found any model of the Boss Delay pedals that work in the loop of a JVM?
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    Boss Dd# In Loop Of 6100

    Can anyone let me know the ideal way to set up Boss Pedals in the loop of a 6100?
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    Re Jvm Users- How Are You Running Your Mxr 10 Band In The Loop?

    JVM Users- How are you running your MXR 10 Band in the loop? I am experimenting witht he MXR 10 band in the loop of the JVM and just curious what shapes others are using?
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    Marshall Jvm And Dsl Stereo Setup

    Hello, I am trying to run a Marshall JVM and DSL in a Stereo Setup. I have a TC Electronic Flashback running in the loop of the JVM, and I am running the stereo out into the return of the DSL. Each head has its own cabinet. Although it works, the DSL is ungodly loud, with no way to adjust...
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    Tc Flashback And Jvm?

    Can anytone tell me the proper way to run the TC Flashback witht he JVM? Series or Parallel? What is the mix on the loop?
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    Best Delay For Marshall Jvm Loop?

    What us Best Delay for Marshall JVM Loop? MY Boss DD-3 is distorting. Any other Boss Pedals handling the JVM's loop?
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    Fortin Modded Jmp1

    Fortin Modded JMP1 $1200 Shipped Conus Very clean unit. Second owner
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    Programming Marshall Jmp1 To G Major 2

    I am running a Voodoo ground control into a Marshall JMp1, then into a TC G Major. I have read the JMP1 manual several times, but cant get the 2 units to Save together. I can switch patches just fine, just nothing saves. How do I get the 2 units to save the same patches?
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    Marshall Jmp1 Preamp/tc G Major Effects Levels

    I am running my TC Gmajor into the loop of my JMP1. I have the TC G Major set on Kill dry. I noticed that some of the patches on the G Major sound great, and some are barely audible. Is there a setting on the G Major I am missing?
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    Hooking Up Marshall Jmp-1 To Tc G Major

    Just bought a Marshall JMP1 Preamp and a G Major. To get these units to communicate, do I need instrument cables and a Midi cable? or will a Midi cable take care of both?

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