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    Kinda Want A Vintage Modern :)

    The right speakers are important for this amp. Either a greenback cab or the 425 cab.
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    Kinda Want A Vintage Modern :)

    I’ve done a very convincing early EVH with my 2466 and 425a cab.
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    Mesa California tweed

    Anyone know how close these are to actual vintage fender tweeds? Most of the demos are very clean which is good but how is it driven? Too mushy ? The Fillmore is supposed to be tweed based as guess I’m not up on fenders
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    NAD Marshall JVM410JS

    Can it do the late 70’s jmp master vol tones?
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    Laugh at my Wang now !!!!

    If I coul'd photoshop I would do one with an amp logo..."SCHLONG" on it.
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    Kinda Want A Vintage Modern :)

    May need to replace it.
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    Kinda Want A Vintage Modern :)

    Does anyone know how many ohms the speakers are in the 425a cab? I have 1 speaker that sounds weird only when driving it with a pedal like a treble booster.
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    Laugh at my Wang now !!!!

    Hmmm I thought it was “ romans , countryman, lend me you wangs”. ?
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    Italians, will find nostalgia in this .

    Definitely ,I'm italian ,miss the old day's alot.Check out "pissed off vic "on you yube. vic dibitteto.
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    Marshall 9200 poweramp

    Those are really cool looking! well billy gibbons uses one so....I do hear they don't clean up very well with your guitars volume controls.
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    Origin 20 owners, pedal that adds gain w/o changing amp's tone

    The Timmy pedal.It's what it was made for.If on a budget MXR makes one.
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    Sold the JVM, bought an EVH el34

    Dsl 50 ‘s are awesome imo I’ve got one. Not sure how to compare it? Modded plexi , 800 ?
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    Laugh at my Wang now !!!!

    If wangs did a jtm 45 kt66 I think I would bite the um... bullet.
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    Marshall JMP 2203 or something similar

    I’ve got a jcm 800 2204. 84’ vertical input. With the right pedals they’re awesome with the low and high inputs. I get what you mean about bright. Idk if bright would be my issue with it but without pedals my ears beg for some warmth after a short time. Can be harsh and ear fatiguing .
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    JCM900 4500 or Mesa Solo Rectifier

    I wouldn’t base the decision on what’s going to be worth more in time, especially with mesa’s merger with Gibson. The pre Gibson mesa’s may skyrocket,who knows.