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    I am cursed me!

    On the positive side: You are learning a lot about guitar gear (and other stuff), at a very fast pace. Unfortunately I have no input to give on the problem at hand.
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    SV20h Out for Delivery!!!

    I'm sure you will love this amp. I do. This video by Brett Kingman made my decision to buy the SV20H/SV212 stack: first his smile @ 0:12 when he turns up the volume, then of course all the tone he gets, and finally at the end @ 4:18 where he says he got to give it a rest because his ears are...
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    Oxblood grill cloth orientation

    Anyone who knows if this is the correct way to orient oxblood (without gold stripes)? Most pictures I've seen are this way, but a couple of them are 90° to this. I can't tell from the pictures on Fender web page of the Super Sonic either.
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    The Official Marshall Studio Vintage Thread Sv20h

    Yes, I built the M2 version of the JohnH attenuator and am using it together with my SV20H. I think it is as good as its reputation. To me it preserves the tone at all attenuation levels. Really nice to dial in the amp according to your liking and then just lowering the volume without loss of...
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    Controling 2 loops

    If this unit works as announced, it definitely deserves the name "Swiss Things"
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    Union Jack II

    I have mixed reactions. Sorry about your disappointment, but at the same time looking forward to see this waving flag being realized.
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    Help needed with finding a cabinet for my SV20

    What a nice looking cab! If it fits within OP's budget, and you can have it shipped to your location, you will most probably not be disappointed. The Greenbacks will give you a very nice sound in this cab. You might need to act quickly, though. Last time I posted a 1936 limited edition cab...
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    Help needed with finding a cabinet for my SV20

    Scumback makes faithful replicas of the early Greenbacks, and other speakers, and has a very good reputation. The original speakers, in good condition, can be very expensive if you can find them at all.
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    Help needed with finding a cabinet for my SV20

    Maybe Thomann's Harley Benton G212, or G212 Vintage Vertical? Prices € 170 and 270 (USD 145 and 230, guess ex VAT and shipping). Some money left in the budget to test different speakers. Both these cabs are made from plywood (poplar). Once you know what you want, you can start looking for new...
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    Help needed with finding a cabinet for my SV20

    I have the SV20H/SV212 stack (stock V-types), and a horisontal 1936-style 2x12 cab with one GB and one EVH. I like both cabs with the SV20, but there are differences. - The SV212 is more punchy, and sounds more modern (and good). I think SV212 and SC212 are the same cabs, and people seems to...
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    Union Jack II

    Would off-set design be possible?
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    5E8A Amp Clone Build

    Looks really good! Nice company you got in that room. Are all those amps your own builds?
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    Joining 2 boards side to side

    Here is another method. These wooden boards are very stable, and usually don't warp (much) or crack. Standard dimensions from 12 mm (1/2") to 28 mm (1 1/8") thickness, width up to 600 mm (23 5/8"), and lengths to up to at least 2400 mm (almost 8'). They are made from many different types of wood...
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    Union Jack II

    I might repeat myself, but it is a real pleasure following this process in all its steps! I'm sure you're the only one noticing that. There's so much else to look at for the rest of us.