Jul 5, 2007
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    1. Morrisman77
      mustymarins763 - a new member just tried to scam me!
    2. David Bazin
      David Bazin
      Hey Alex, when I created my account, I didn’t realize when it asked for my “Name” that it was going to be my username. Could we change it to something a little less “naming” lol... maybe my first name and last initial? Or the name of my band “Mojo Ride” . ?
    3. Dirty-D
      hey Alex I'm new to the forum and can't seem to find where I put a signature. Can you direct me please? Thanks- Derek
      1. Alex
        Aug 16, 2020
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    4. Grenade66
      Alex. I have been an inactive member for a few years and had to set up a new account. Any way to get the old account back? I couldn't remember my password and my old email got hacked.
    5. Steve Smith
      Steve Smith
      Hello Alex. I put a post with a link to my friend's website. He is a Marshall trained tech who builds his own amps now. I am not sure if I have broken any site rules and it was not meant to promote anything in any way whatsoever or for any sort of personal gain or advertising. My apologies, please advise?
      Many thanks
      Steve Smith
    6. Mavrim
    7. Trelwheen
      Hi, I called PayPal to ask why my payment is still pending. They told me it was unclaimed or possibly there was an issue with your email address. I sent the transaction info to you in your email
    8. Trelwheen
      Hi, I upgraded my membership early last week and I wanted to check to make sure if the transaction went through.


      1. Alex
        Hey Mike, please email me to [email protected] and let me know the PayPal confirmation ID. Thanks.
        Oct 9, 2018
      2. Trelwheen
        Hi, I sent the confirmation number to your email the other day. Checking to see if the transaction went through. Thanks
        Oct 11, 2018
    9. JBsBlues
      Alex can you please help me with my post
      1. Alex
        Hello, how can I help? Please PM me directly.
        Sep 9, 2018
    10. LRT#1
      Thank for the reply but was able to get one of the other mods to move the thread also I was told that there was no Alex they say you haven't posted in some time
      1. Alex
        Just because I don't post much, it doesn't mean I'm not checking on my sites. Please email me directly next time: [email protected]
        Jul 23, 2018
    11. LRT#1
      How do I move thread from one forum to the rite forum
      1. Alex
        Let me know the link via email and I'll move it for you.
        Jul 17, 2018
    12. The Dose of Harmony
      The Dose of Harmony
      Hi alex !!! i was wondering if you can help me i can not upload photos no matter what size or resolution i tried in my les paul forum wich has a very similar format and every thing went fine!!

      so i think its something with the settings here!
    13. radiohead498
      Are you online sorry to bug you ad min new be old audio tech need help want to give help.
    14. Gunner64
      Hello. What can be done about the out of control popups that are plaguing the forum?
      1. Alex
        Hello, the only solution I can think of is to buy a no-ads subscription and the pop-ups should be gone. Thanks.
        Apr 23, 2018
    15. justinrhoads80
      Alex is there anyway that there can be a dedicated forum to maintenance on guitars at all? I have a question about something on my guitar, but this is no forum section for guitar maintenance and repairs
    16. The Creator
      The Creator
      Hi Alex. Thanks for a great forum. Could it be possible to have a folder for each amp/cabinet in their sub forums? Like in folder "Marshall Amps" There should be a folder for every type of amp Marshall have made. This would be easier to look for and sort out all ideas and modifications that are done.
      1. ampmadscientist
        Aug 4, 2017
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    17. liontato
      Alex, you probably haven't seen my post below yet. When you see this....just letting you know the promotefine ad is still plaguing the forum. It's basically a virus. Or feels like one. Thee is no way past it.
    18. liontato
      Alex, is there anything that can be done about the Congrats promotefine ad? I can barely access the site. It pops up everywhere. And it won't let you navigate past it.
    19. Geeze
      Hello Alex,

      My post - Crazy & Mad Combo Design Ideas For The Dallas Guitar Show - was moved from the Marshall Amp forum to the 'Other Amp' forum. I'm building a new combo case for a Marshall JMP 2204. Shouldn't this be in the Marshall amp forum?

      Thank you,

    20. BlackSG91
      Hello Alex...this is Dan and I just wanted to ask you a favour. Would it be possible to be re-instatd on MLP. I really enjoyed that forum and I would like to say I'll be on my best behavior. You were considering re-instating me in the past, but you must have been busy at the time. If you give me this chance, I shall not disappoint you. Thanks for your time and I hope to hear from you. You take care Alex.
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