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  1. SiCoul
    Good morning @candou2, I’ve had mine for almost ten months with zero noise problems. I hope you enjoy the same experience and are happy with it when you finally get your hands on it. Absolutely...
  2. candou2
    I just ordered one. Should get it next week. ANY noise problems? Seen a lot PCBs with burns from Fender as well. They must ofhad a contract, these problems were fixable. Power supply for OP amps,...
  3. JohnH
    @Hebaton That table is just the resistors for design M. They are all fine, but there's also inductor coils needed, plus switchs, jacks etc. The design here is a bit simpler, just as good:...
  4. Hebaton
    Hi, first thsnks a lot for this ! secound, I would like to build the latest version of the M 4. Is yhis the corect parts list ? Does this need a typr of cooling sustem ? Again thanks you so much.
  5. william vogel
    @neikeel I also saw somewhere that the three disc caps need a little space between them. It’s in the cabinet right now an I ordered a couple.02 old ceramic disc caps to put in it. Once I get them...

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