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My Marshall amps

Mitchell Pearrow, Sep 6, 2018
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    • bacardi
      i'm Bacardi with dsl40cr I can't do a video of my amp done have a cellphone i'm 75 and I don't own one. wow that some amp set up you have. I never own a marshall before so got this one and did the upgrades. with amp, speaker and tubes cost me about 1450 I can tell you this sounds great for the money spent believe me. a speaker and the right tubes can make a cheap sounds good.
    • Mitchell Pearrow
      Bacardi thank you for checking out my amps, I am 60 years young, this is my 3’rd go round with the guitar’s and amps, and I have gone a bit nuts the last 3 years. And I am enjoying every minute of it :cheers:
    • Mitchell Pearrow
      And welcome to the best forum ever :agreed:
    • bacardi
      the cream alnico is like a blues 10x better.
      I have a vox ac30 birch cabinet with all sozzo cap, weber blue and silver bell speakers mer. input and output transformers this amp sounds great.
      the dsl did not sound bad for the money spent the amp sounds very good now with speaker change and right tubes .
    • Mitchell Pearrow
      Mine are all stock with the exception of the power tubes in one and a couple of preamp tubes, and they work great for what I am doing with them :coffee::h5:
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