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  1. laycern8
  2. Ramo
    Live to play thrash
  3. Federico Valle
    Federico Valle
    Living in the Limelight!
  4. Federico Valle
  5. Daniel55
    Daniel55 spacerocker
    Hello. I was reading through some threads and was curious what you have done to your jvm. I have a jvm 410c. I’ve been looking into possible mods for this amp. I do like it and it’s sounds really good at low volumes for a 100 watt Marshall. Thanks!
  6. ramhi4x
    ramhi4x soundboy57
    FYI, I'm getting ready to sell a pair of G12M-25 6402 cone Greenbacks, know of anyone who might be interested in OR, I'm in Central Oregon, thanks.
  7. Niilz
    my rig: Telecaster, Hiwatt, Marshall, plectrum and fingers
  8. The RhythmMan
    The RhythmMan
    My weapons for the eve.
  9. ibmorjamn
  10. Wolf-3D
    There are only two days in your life that are most important, the day you’re born, and the day when you discover your purpose of that life.
  11. Jan Leunissen
    Jan Leunissen Bob N
    Hello Bob, not sure if I can address you in Dutch.... I am a Dutchie living in New Zealand, looking for the B150 Bass State schematics. You mentioned you can provide them (back in 2018). Could you help me to them as well? My email address: leunissen at xtra.co.nz
    Dank je wel!
  12. TheToneDig
    PRO-TIP #1 - For Fatter Tones Wear Fatter Straps. Marshall SC20h Marshall Origin 50W + pedalsssss EVH 5150III 6L6 50W Orange Tiny Terror 15W
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  13. DreamerDeceiver
    We're all here, cause we ain't all there !
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  14. Martymig1
    Trying to enjoy playing guitar again...I've lost a ton of dexterity and have forgotten all of my licks but a few. I am practicing alot !
    1. Wolf-3D
      I know the feeling. I thought my son would know his dad as being this guitar guy but I’m having to run around and chase him all the time, I get too burnt out…those are excuses though, I’m getting back at it again and making it part of my life and saying the hell with any other distractions aka YouTube, social media. Good luck man
      Jul 20, 2021
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  15. dkostadinov
    dkostadinov axe4me
    I'm the one that asked if you are still selling the 67 reissue SG on this thread:

    If you are not really willing to sell it and only considering local pickup do you know anybody else that has it?

    The one on Reverb right now is quite bad.

    I really want to get my hands on one.
    I'm in Europe by the way.

  16. My_own_summer69
    So while playing my on my code 50 it decided to stop making any sound and the lcd screen just flashes. Can anyone help me with this issue?
  17. Angry Possum
    Angry Possum
    Loving my new Marshall Amp
  18. dan d
    dan d Joshabr1
    hey saw youre in kentucky and vintage marshall collector. Im also in kentucky and have a small but really nice collection. Just thought id reach out and say hey
    1. Joshabr1
      Hey Dan. What part of ky you from ?? I’m in Irvine. About 30 miles southeast of Lexington. What kind of gear you have ?? Do you trade ?
      Jun 29, 2021
    2. dan d
      dan d
      im in bowling green. As far as gear i have 67 jtm50 black flag with a near mint 65-66 pinstripe cab. An original 1965 block logo series 1 BB. a 72 superlead in white with 68 basketweave cab in white. A ton of blackface and tweed fender amps as well.
      Jun 30, 2021
    3. dan d
      dan d
      I do trade but the superlead and basketweave in white are really the only ones im looking to sell/trade atm. I thought i was sending a dm so sorry this is getting posted to your page.
      Jun 30, 2021
  19. ibmorjamn
    Sell you extra gear while you can , cash is king but it has a broken crown !
  20. 1watter
    Always cranking a dimed 1 watt amp...