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  1. Wenander
    FINALLY after way to long i stopped overlooking fucking MOTÖRHEAD!! Love to discover stuff and having vast amount of songs to plow through
  2. Wenander
  3. Old Punker
  4. Heavymegacoolguy
    Hey guys is there any way to tell if my Boss sd1 was made in Taiwan?
  5. alcatraz
    alcatraz V3ga77
    Se metto i parametri come li hai scritti tu... mi suona scarica di basse in maniere spaventosa.... non so se sbaglio qualcosa....Ho anche la mini plexi ovvero la SV20... con la quale non ho nessun problema suona da paura
  6. alcatraz
    alcatraz V3ga77
    per avere un suono decente devo mettere i bassi a 8-9, presenza 4, medi max 6 altrimenti comincia a suonare scatoloso, e alti a 6-7... il tutto collegato ad una xq2 SV212 a cui ho messo 2 alnico creamback.
    così ottengo un pulito decente al mio orecchio (con una ES-335 e LP reissue 59)
  7. alcatraz
    alcatraz V3ga77
    Ciao, Ho visto il tuo post sulla 2525H jubilee...anche io in realtà come l'autore del post, mi trovo a trovarla senza basse e con un suono molto acido, non è solo questione di alti molto pronuciati... è proprio senza ciccia.
  8. Daniel Shields
    Daniel Shields
    Happy to join the Marshall forum and thanks for having me.
  9. 4everrebel
    Hey Everyone Thanks for letting me join the forum!
  10. Feeling Supersonic
    Feeling Supersonic Holme
    You been in lockdown on the Duvel then?
    1. Holme
      Alright mate! I'm doing a week on week off - moved onto Erdinger & suckered into doing Taekwondo - my old ass just double graded to a yellow belt lol!
      You ok bud?
      Jan 8, 2021
  11. StingRay85
    You like the Mullard domino?
  12. Henry Sabbath
    Henry Sabbath
    Marshall DSL40C (C19 removed, Celestion G12-T 75 UK), 1x12 Mesa Boogie EV12L, Ab763 head, 5F1 head, Gibson SG, BSM RM Booster, Boss SD-1
  13. Henry Sabbath
    Henry Sabbath
    Marshall DSL40C (C19 removed, converted to head, sealed 1x 12cabinet, G12-T 75 UK), 1x12Boogie closed back EV12L, Gibson SG, BSM RM, SD-1
  14. meentime
    meentime axe4me
    Is this AXE4ME from Bensonhurst? This is CH from Subway Band.
  15. Elliot Twist
    Elliot Twist Max Gahne
    I'm not hard of hearing, I just turn up the volume if it's available.
    I hope you resolve you issues with the DSL40CR Classic Gain Static.
    I'll listen for it on MY rig, and report back.
    I'm pretty happy with a handful of my recent Marshall rigs.
  16. Elliot Twist
    Elliot Twist Max Gahne
    Best of luck to you with the DSL40CR. My band is a bit loud and crunchy, and I play as loud as I can with respect @ my apartment.
    I lease an office building 4 miles from my home and use it for loud music. My lease at the "band building" is costless from renting space to to other bands.
    I'll be listening for the DSL 40 CR Classic Gain Static and report back.
    1. Max Gahne
      Max Gahne
      Hi Elliot, It isn't my DSL40, I was just trying to give the guy some ideas about his problem. I've built all my own amps for years and just on a lark decided to get my first factory made amp since 1978, a little DSL1C. I love it, what a great little amp! I only play the guitar to make the distortion :-)
      Dec 29, 2020
  17. Dan Cook
    Dan Cook SkylineUK

    Did you end up selling that lovely JTM145 of yours?


  18. Destroy Kempers
    Destroy Kempers
    Cranking my MARSHALLS to blow your head off
  19. Lee Roberts
    Lee Roberts
    I'm new to this forum I love Marshall I have a class five my first Marshall I found a lot of great information here
  20. South Park
    South Park Point 2 Point
    Are you interested in that 2204 I live in Ventura county