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  1. essaywriter
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  2. Maggot Brain
    Maggot Brain Alligatorbling
    Hey whats up man!? I am in need of friends too, everyone I have considered a friend has pretty much disapeared on me, even childhood friends I've know for 20+ years... People can suck but some people are beautiful.
  3. audiogroove
    audiogroove murgatroid
    Are you still looking for an anniversary Cab?
  4. slittlebob
    " Good Luck, Mr. Gorsky " !
  5. fastdave
    retired - best job ever!
  6. Halim
    Halim psklaroff
    Hi.. How about your marshall jcm 2000 dsl 100 now? Its ok?
  7. Bat Pup
    Bat Pup
    Marshall Amps! When you're serious about your music, nothing else will do!
  8. Boingyman
    1987 Silver jubilee signed by Jim. Finally got my dream amp!!!!....... Again.
  9. Jawdg
    Jawdg MonstersOfTheMidway
    damn !!
    my bad, man (!!)
    you've been on here since 2008 (?/!) whad d'ee fukk !!
  10. eastwood6
    eastwood6 AlvisX
    Hi Alvin - hope things are well. Saw your cameo appearance in Tom Guerra’s Sudden Signs of Grace video. Good job! Tom’s a local guy, we’re connected on Facebook. Actually, I bought the 1965B cab in my avatar from Tom, he had it for years and used it on his band’s first album. Great player. Hope you can get out on the road again soon. Stay safe - Bob
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    2. AlvisX
      Cheers, Bob
      Tom's a great guy. As great a guitarist as he is, he really moves me as a songwriter.I really dig the places he goes within that realm of his talent .
      1965 cabs are one of Marshall's greatest gifts to mankind .....most don't know this . The 10's scare the Marshall guys away
      Jul 14, 2020
  11. Bruce Jones
    Bruce Jones
    Near on 50 years of electronic repair, design, and improvement. Making it all sound better in the Thumb of Michigan.
  12. Vesperado
    After 19 years of ownership my amp is finally fully operational with zero issues!
  13. Angelo Workings
    Angelo Workings
    I paid $6300 for a ´57 Gretsch Custom Shop Penguin.
  14. srvyjm
    srvyjm NewReligion
    Can you share more info about your Pandora mod on Marshalls (I left you a comment on YouTube too)? I can't believe what phenomenal tone you're getting at such low volumes. I have 4 Marshall amps I'd like to put it into so I can start using them every day- and at gigs- everywhere I play they are FAR too loud- but oh that tone!
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    2. NewReligion
      Thanks for the interest and great words.

      The Master Volume is part of a over haul modification of the circuit I call Pandora. It is not just a simple MV tweak.

      Jul 8, 2020
    3. srvyjm
      So do we contact you to do the mods at
      Jul 8, 2020
    4. NewReligion
      Jul 8, 2020
  15. Marshall50w
    When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace - Jimi Hendrix
  16. Kesava
    Absolutely love the TS9 tube screamer!
  17. Jimi-C
    Jimi-C GasMask52
    did you ever fix your reverb problem ? I have a similar problem with my vs100 , I have reverb on all channels but on the clean channel it stays on for some reason , sometimes when I change tubes the reverb will act normal for a day or two the controlling pot seems to work fine , but all of a sudden the reverb won't turn off . any suggestions ?
  18. Friday
    Friday Phony iommi
    how do find that LP? I play LH but have never been near a LH LP. that pic you have jumped out at me.
  19. N707ψ
    Vintage Cabinets List? Someone can tell me where i can find a list of the vintage cabinets marshall produced in 60s-70s??
  20. Guitarista1978
    Tryin to make somethin outta nothin....