What's The Frequency Fezzi?

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    Here I sit surrounded by books:-Hell's Angels-Thompson+Mr. Atom-Frank+A Nice Little Place on the North Side-Will+Boys in the Trees-THE LOVELY CARLY SIMON!........I also have my list of US Presidents- I make sure I can rattle off those names with zero hesitation------my mind must remain very crisp.

    I almost ran into some trouble earlier. When you wade in scum=Joe+Jane Q-you often get dirt on your cap. I checked into GC to see what was hanging on the walls. Nothing much,my "stable" is much stronger. I check out their amps.......dross-----pedals-----------Lenny +Squiggyville....my collection exceeds the super-store? Weak world..........

    I leave the mini-mall and decide to go to FEZZ-Fil-A. I pop in my MP4 -REM-MONSTER-What an album.

    What's the frequency Kenneth......BwwwwwOOOOOOoooooonnnn-
    Pete Buck really nails the phaser.

    I sit at my table eating Spicy chicken . I notice some young DOPE at the counter. He is wearing a muscle-tee,has a straw behind each ear,and 21 1/2 tats on his torso. I yawn. WOW! Another muscle-boy. I continue reading my Philly News. I check the Phillies box score. The Fightin's are out of gas,going to be a long season. I look up,my eyes lock onto the steroid-clown.

    "Hey, got a problem?"
    I look behind me........he is talking to me?
    I continue reading the baseball stats.

    I smile.
    "Hay is for horses."
    He gets confused. I motion for him to sit down.Now he is REALLY confused.

    He sits down. I fold up my paper. I eat a waffle fry. He carries a take-out bag.

    "Listen, why are you so angry? You need to relax. Are you on steroids?"
    He licks his lips. I have him in baby rabbit mode.
    "Ummmmm,,,,what do you mean?"
    "C'mon MMMmmmmaaaannnn, I know your DEAL. You think because you have big "guns" that you can scare people."
    "I know I can beat your @.."

    I laugh. I finish my fries.

    'Let's go outside. The manager is staring at us."

    We walk outside. I hold the door for him,
    he mutters,"Thanks."

    I walk over to my car he follows-just like a lapdog should. I throw my car keys at him and yell"Catch!" He does. I mock-throw an over-hand right. He flinches.

    "See? You fell for an old trick. NEVER CATCH THE CAR-KEYS!"
    Poor Steroid has no clue what to do. I hold out my hand. "Give me my keys." He does.

    "I like you. You are going to find trouble with your "style."

    I shake his hand.

    "What is your name?"
    "My "boys" call me Big C."
    Big C, my enemies call me Fezz."
    "Yes, from Dickens."
    I tell him about Charles. ????????????????????????????

    "Big C, I have to roll. See? Violence solves nothing. Why fight me?"
    "I thought you were eye-balling me."
    "The world eye-balls us ALL-Rise above."
    I pick up an Old Fezz cd. I always carry them with me-just in case they are needed. I hand him a cd.

    "Big C, you need to lay off them 'roids. They have you blowing steam."
    "Yeah, I guess so."
    "You guess so? You are picking fights with 50 year old men at Fezz-Fil-A."
    "You are fifty?"
    "Yes. I eat healthy and pray alot."

    I shake his hand again. I write down my phone #. He gives me his.

    'Big C. I may need you as a bodyguard soon. I'll pay you $50 an hour.All you have to do is stand there. No REAL violence just poses."
    "Sounds good."
    I drive away. He stands in the lot bemused. I crank up REM. What is the frequency ?

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