Vintage 1965 Celestion G12 T0652 Speakers (4 Available)

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    Oct 27, 2018
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    Vintage Celestion G12 T0652 speakers.

    The speakers are dated 1965.

    The cones are recones and are dated early 1970's. Of all recones these are among the most desirable. They are Pulsonic 55Hz cones, are still vintage and very collectable.

    The sound quality of the speakers is great, very clean with no cracking of flapping. Message me and I can provide video of the sound.

    Price: £800 for 2
    £1450 for 4

    If you would like more images of the speakers please message me. If you have any question or queries, I will reply as soon as possible!


    (I also have a rare Marshall speaker cab for sale on this site in this section if you are interested!)

    IMG_6738.jpg IMG_6739.jpg IMG_6740.jpg IMG_6741.jpg IMG_6742.jpg IMG_6751.jpg IMG_6752.jpg IMG_6754.jpg
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    Coming through the pipe. If you don't see it check Junkmail. Who did the recones Wembley?
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