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Discussion in 'Marshall Amps' started by strangefruit, May 4, 2019.

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    I recently got one of these from a pawn shop (TSL 100) that was really cheap. I know the reverb doesn't work and it for sure needs a retube. I didn't know the TSL's had the bias drift issues like the DSL's until recently either. Either ways, It may just be something to tinker with and enjoy as of now as I cannot afford a JCM 800 (they are expensive these days!!) Has anyone here swapped the transformers or added a choke??

    Any suggestions for power or preamp tubes? The JJ 12ax7 in V1 seemed to sound better in it than the Genalex Gold Lion that I removed.

    I prefer the crunch channel with a boost for high gain tones. The best pedal that I have tried with this amp is the Dunes by Earthquaker devices (bought used online). It really makes it punch pretty good! There is more tone in this cheap amp that I just have to bring out.

    This is what I'm working with.
    *Gibson Explorer that is all stock 496/500 combo. Drop C#--->Dunes od---Mooer Noise killer--TSL 100.
    *Fender MH 412 cab- Eminence Governor's on top with Eminence Swamp Thang's on the bottom. If you have tried a speaker combo that works well with the TSL, throw it out there...

    Also does the TSL have the speaker ground issue when running a single 16ohm cab like the DSL? (that is from memory so please correct me)...
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    Concerning Tubes: I am by no means a tube expert, I just pop in, what I have lying around and what works without any issues.
    I recently had issues with 3 or 4 JJ ECC83S, I bought over the last few years. I just used them for some of my DYI builds, and since I have too many amps for too few musical projects, they all didn't get too much playing time.
    I used to like them, but within a few weeks (!) all of them went microphonic. I remember Dave Friedman mentioning this a few times, that B.A.D. used JJ preamp tubes in many of his amps, but ran into countless failures.

    I happened to have 4 or 5 Sovtek 12AX7A WB (or WA?) I bought new in the mid 90s, which I always didn't want to use, because many say, they don't sound good. Since I ran out of some "hip" tubes, I thought, well just pop 'em in, and I happen to really like them. Of course the differences are VEEERRRY subtle speaking of preamp tubes (don't believe what anybody says, who is getting more this and truckload more that from tube xy and tube yz, it is more about the gain a specific tube type and specimen has, and maybe the feel when playing). But, the Sovteks seem to produce a rather tidy overall feel. Maybe they don't impose "their sound" over the amp so much, like others. And - so far - they haven't let me down.

    I also like the chinese ECC83 I buy from Tube Town, but they have a slightly larger diameter and won't fit the belton tube covers and mounting shaft. Well they do, but try to pull them out gently...

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