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Discussion in 'Marshall Amps' started by levelx43, Apr 24, 2013.

  1. levelx43

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    Nov 21, 2011
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    Cheyenne, Wyoming
    What are your tone/volume settings for
    your best tone?
    What amp/speakers?
    What guitar/pickups?
    This is assuming a minimal use of pedals
    but list that too if you like.
  2. guitargoalie

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    Jun 23, 2010
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    Ontario, Canada
    pretty broad question but my go to is my les paul traditional with burstbucker pros -> marshall dsl50 lead 1, everything at half except volume->2x12 with heritage greenbacks

    real simple, covers all hard rock needs, flip to the crunch channel for the lighter stuff
  3. ReverseD

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    Apr 15, 2013
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    I have a JCM 2000 DSL. I usually use my Fender blacktop tele with PRS Starla pups.I have a ts9 and OCD up front for when I need it, or need a boost for leads. Running into a JCA212 cab, cheap, good, and saves real estate in the trailer.

    Lately Ive had my Treble and presence around 10 o clock, mids cranked at around 2 o clock, and my bass a little past noon. Tone shift out and resonance are always out, except for my last show, which I thought was a little weird that I needed it.

    Lately I've been switching between a cranked lead one Preamp and a mild lead 2 preamp, to see how they both sound and react to everything. I think I'm going to start moving to lighter lead one gain for normal playing and just use boosts for my leads and when I need a thicker tone.

    I am always tweaking my clean channel. Always backing of preamp and raising the MV, or the opposite. Lately I've only been able to tweak my amp at shows, since it's been in the trailer for a while and we've been quite busy.
  4. Dogs of Doom

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    Aug 2, 2012
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    Los Angeles
    My current set-up:


    Guitar Strat w/ Invader - volume knob only 500k

    (optional Crybaby 535)


    gain - 20 (max)
    volume - 4 (out of 20)
    bass - 6 (max)
    mid - 6 (max)
    treble - 6 (max)
    presence - 6 (max)
    effects - 7 (out of 20)
    bass shift - on
    OD - 1

    volume out from 3-5 w/ pad on

    EL34 50/50
    volume Ch 1&2 Max
    presence Ch 1&2 Max

    1960 X pattern

    effects - I use a modified preset of subdivisions

    My livingroom setup...
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  5. diesect20022000

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    Sep 5, 2010
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    if you have the time and patience to listen to crap home recordings the clips in my sig are all the same amp and general settings.

    for recording i use less highs and lows than live ironicaly (but i use minimal lows and highes for metal anyway. i sit in the mids at all times lol).

    my trick is mostly in my performance. if you listen to dirt queen then listen to ascension then listen toraguel (which i'm redoing because i royaly fubar'd the harmony imo. just doesn't sit how i wanted) i use the same settings.

    the difference is for dirt queen i do not use a boost or compressor and for ascension i use both and for raguel i use both. i use on on the rhythm and the other on the harmony. i generaly use my lead channle for rhythm (metal) and crunch for lead (metal and rock etc. crunch is my favorite but i will throw the lead in on occasion to balance the tone)

    all Framus Dragon, all Mesa 4x12 with older V30's (standard size cab not oversized)

    sm57 and radioshack mics, into a nady mixer, i use up to 3 channels for guitar, tascam dp-01 and then i upload it to reaper for volume enhancement then upload it to soundcloud for you to mock :)
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  6. diesect20022000

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    Sep 5, 2010
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    but my best tones are at higher volumes and when i'm inspired. i get some great tones with this rig. i can run all of modern rock from 70's up on the gainy channels and clean can do everything else. It's a STUPIDLY good sounding and feeling amp that even Uli John Roth recognized (to name a non metal head)and uetlized.

    far more versatile than the cobra though the cobra has a better clean.

    it's a high gain ac30,2203 and SLO-100 respectively rated at 160 total watts (100 clean) with midi function, loop (though it can only effectively use LINE LEVEL devices in the loop) indepepndant volume and presence per channel (which is where people botch their tone with these ;) ) and two master volumes that can be set for primary tone and solo and are also footswitchable (the global master for solo is switchable ala foot)

    and has a presence and fx mix etc. plus standard tmb eq per channels.

    the 2203 has added gain stages however like a DSL 100 Lead 1/ultra 1 channel but tonaly superior and the lead is SLO all the way but perhaps a bit SMOOTHER overal. where it seems to have strong but flat mids compared to others but i also have a certain tube and eq setup i prefer.
  7. thrawn86

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