The Tube Screamer

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    I’ve owned Maxom 808’s, Ibanez TS808’s, a TS9, a TS808HW, and many other more expensive TS knockoffs.

    I like the TS808HW the best and it has been my keeper Tubescreamer. It seems just a little bit smother and warmer sounding that the others that I’ve owned.

    I would like to give another TS9 a try again sometime.
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    Tid bits from The Story of The Tube Screamer...

    What was the first pedal you designed when you started working for Maxon?

    It was a phaser, the PT999.

    Did you play guitar yourself?

    I could not play the guitar — same as Leo Fender — but I could tune one. However, during the development of the 19-inch rack Harmonizer, called the Harmonics Delay HD 1000, I was forced to learn music theory.

    Were there any particular tube amps that you used as references?

    At that time, I mainly used Fender tube amplifiers for development and audio tests of the pedal, specifically a 1968 Fender Twin Reverb and a Vibrolux Reverb. Occasionally, I used a Marshall 1959 Super Lead.

    Who came up with the name Tube Screamer?

    The name was suggested by the Sam Ash Music family, by Jerry’s son Sammy Ash [Jerry is the son of founder Sam Ash].

    (net video) I dig that telecaster! :dude:

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