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    For sale is a 1997 Marshall 1959SLP 100 watt super lead. 1997 was one of the pre effects loop model years and considered by many to sound more tonally accurate to a early 70’s metal panel super lead.

    Head is in very good condition, has minor nicks here or there in the tolex and has had the following mods done professionally by Echohollow Art and Sound in Staunton, VA by my amp tech.

    LAR/MAR master volume on back back. Very transparent and allows you to crank the amp without deafening yourself and everyone around you.

    Sozo coupling caps on board and presence cap. Both V1a and V2a cathode caps are .68uf, V1a and V1b plate coupling caps are .022uf, tone stack caps are .022uf, PI Input cap is .022uf, PI NFB input cap is .1uf, PI output coupling caps are .022uf and presence cap is .1uf. All of these are standard values for a Marshall super lead circuit.

    External bias ports and bias knob.

    Negative feedback is variable between 47k and 100k. The early metal panel super leads used 47k and 1973 and later used 100k. 47k is a little cleaner and the 100k is hairy, looser and feels more gainer. Simply put 47k is classic rock and 100k is more late 70’s-80’s rock.

    Normal Volume knob is a push/pull which allows for the amp to either be a split or shared cathode. For reference a Marshall super bass is a shared cathode and a super lead is split cathode. Shared is fatter/bigger sounding, sings in leads and split is more in the mids and screams more in the leads and less low end.

    V2a cathode cap is switchable between .68uf and 330uf. .68uf sounds great with humbuckers and 330uf sounds better with single coils. Supposedly EVH’s 1968 plexi had a 330uf cathode cap.

    Tone stack is switchable from the early plexi 250pf/56k to the later 500pf/33k.

    The two main tone stacks used by Marshall over the years was first the 56k slope resistor and 250pf capacitor combination – this was used exclusively until 1968 on all their amps. Later on Marshall started using the 33k/500pf combination. Some people associate the 56k/250pf with the “classic Marshall tone” as it was used by Eric Clapton on his early recordings, The Who when they first got their hands on Marshalls, and even Eddie Van Halen’s “magic Marshall” is said to have used this tone stack. However, it’s also been said that until Marshall started using the 33k/500pf combo, Jimi Hendrix had all his amps worked on to put this combination in.

    Power and output transformers are original OEM.

    Tubes are an apex matched quad of JJ EL34’s and pre amps are JJ’s.

    Tonally this amp will easily cover late 60’s to early 80’s classic rock with easy.

    This is great sounding amp and gives you some classic Marshall circuits. Please note that the back panel is included, I just removed it for taking photos.

    Amp comes from a non smoking home.

    Asking $1400 plus actual shipping in the US ONLY or best offer.

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