Scumback M Series B-Stock Sale $20 Off Per Speaker for 30 Speakers Only

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    Getting ready for a big order of frames in a couple of weeks. We moved some pallets around storage, and found 30 frames had minor paint blemishes. Rather than toss them out, I'm going to discount these frames $20 each off regular price. Full warranty and tone, they just have minor scuffs in the paint.

    Contact me if interested, but there are only 30 M (medium magnet) frames, so they'll go quickly...because, who looks at the frame after you've loaded them into your cab anyway, right? Most players won't even notice the blemishes, but I try to be upfront about everything.

    Only M series speakers, sorry, and only 30 frames. Once they're gone, the sale is over. Anything Scumback M55/M75/PVC/BM series is available to be built.

    $149 each plus shipping, instead of the regular price of $169 each.

    Discounted shipping to the USA for multiple speaker buys as well, email me with your complete address so I can calculate it.

    Have a great weekend!


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