Schaller Lockmeister Baseplate Thickness Vs Ofr, Gotoh 1996t Incoming

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    Hey guys,

    just thought it would be good to post this so if the curious google searching fella looks for it the thread will be found.

    A friend of mine brought me his white Jackson USA Warrior in yesterday for some troubleshooting, he changed the hardware from black to chrome and ordered a Schaller Lockmeister in chrome to replace the OFR in black.

    Turns out when bending all the way back the Lockmeister jumps out of the right post, the one on the side where the bar is. I isolated the problem and figured that the mounting pocket for the bar hits the back of the cavity, the one on the OFR had enough clearance. Upon inspection you can tell that the baseplate of the Lockmeister is thicker than the one on the OFR and therefore adds a millimeter or so to the length the whammy pocket is sticking out.

    Solution: I chiseled away some of the wood in the back cavity where the whammy bar pocket would hit the wood, it now has enough clearance and everything works great.

    Just something to be aware of, if you're thinking about replacing your Floyd Rose the Lockmeister will work regarding spacing and everything, but be prepared to remove some wood in the back cavity in the worst case scenario. If you don't feel comfortable with it, give it to a professional. I sure as hell felt like something was dying inside of me as I took the chisel to the guitar but I had my friends permission and in the end everything is working now.

    I also have a Gotoh 1996T on the way for another friends Jackson Dinky to replace the licensed JT580LP the guitar came with, I will update the thread once it arrives and I get to the installation process.

    I hate hate hate licensed trems. Happy to see that more and more manufacturers these days (Charvel, Jackson) are putting lower cost FRs on their guitars instead of licensed ones. At least that way you know there will be less trouble involved when you wanna switch units.

    Anyway, I'll keep you up to date, cheers!

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