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Discussion in 'Cabinets & Speakers' started by AlanHarper, Feb 9, 2020.

  1. AlanHarper

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    Mar 25, 2012
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    Brighton, East Sussex UK
    I have a couple of speakers that have been kicking around my workshop for ages and i don't know what they are other than the small label on the back.

    They are 10JM251 15ohms, and 10 inches diam.

    I suspect the came out of a combi - hence the pair at 15ohms bit were they ever out of a Marshall unit? The JM in the label is what leads me to suspect this but I am not sure.

    has anyone ever seen this sort of label? 10JM251_label.jpg
  2. BygoneTones

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    Aug 27, 2013
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    Looks like it might be a ceramic Elac. Can you show the whole speaker?

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