Npd Rocktron Silencer Noise Gate.

Discussion in 'The Tone Zone' started by Marshall4Metal, Aug 8, 2018.

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    So I've had this for an hour running with an SD-1 and my 900 . First it doesn't change your tone at all zero unlike a certain Boss pedal. The gate is lightning fast the decay is natural you don't know the pedal is on it's that good no string noise either. It does exactly what you want with no strange artifacts or tone change and it's true bypass .. Much better than an NS-2 and I like it better than the ISP pedal the one without the loop feature. I highly recommend it. To recap no tone loss I mean zero and the gate is like a light switch and the sustain is like the pedals not there . Excellent Gate. That's just running it straight pedal to pedal without using it's loop ability. I will try that some day probably when I have more pedals in the chain . I took a chance on this unit there's a lot of newer gate's out but it's a diamond in the ruff. The guitar players that have used it swear by them and I agree you won't do better without going to a rack unit.
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    If I'm not mistaken, the Rocktron Silencer has two controls that the user can adjust: gate and hush.

    Question: For how you are using it, do any of your settings force you to compromise?

    Obviously you can adjust the Rocktron Silencer for different applications, but suppose that during a song you need the Rocktron Silencer to respond to various dynamics in your playing. So, if you are using one setting during a song, does the Rocktron Silencer respond to the dynamics and playing style in the same way, or are there compromises?

    For example, let's say in a song you have parts where you need to sustain chords and single note for riffs and/or solos. Then, within the same song, you have some quick start/stop riffs that require a good, tight sound. So in this situation the question becomes: does the Rocktron Silencer handle both dynamics with the same effectiveness, or do you notice a compromise where perhaps the Rocktron Silencer will not close the gate fast enough for stop/start riffs because you have it setup for a slower gate response in order to promote sustain for chords and single notes within the same song?

    I always like running that little test to see if a gate can do both dynamics at the same time (which is a reasonable expectation that a player might find in a real situation. Sometimes, if you set up a gate for long sustain, the compromise will be a slower gate response for quick stop/start riffs, and vice versa. Some gates do a better job than others, but the noise gates that have more adjustable parameters allow the user to find more middle ground and less compromises than noise gates that have only one adjustable parameter, such as just a threshold control.

    Good to hear the pedal is doing exactly what you need it to do. Good luck with your rig.

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