Newly Acquired 2204, Some Thoughts...

Discussion in 'Marshall Amps' started by Adrian R, Jun 6, 2019.

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    I have never gigged/reh /played at home with the MV cranked. I always set the Preamp to 5-7 and set the Master so my loudest rhythm(ACDC crunch) would match the drummer and sit just under the vocals.
    In my last hard rock covers band(using one of my 2203's ) my LP Standard vol would generally be on 10 unless I wanted a quieter, edge of breakup tone. Boost for solos with a Barber LTD SR.
    In my corporate party band(using my Faded LP Special with Pearly Gates and 50's wiring into a 82 4104 with 12-65's)my guitar volumes would be at 1 - 4 for cleans, 5 - 8 for crunch, and for solos I'd boost with the Barber.

    For a hard rock setting I find below about 8 on the guitar volume(bridge) is where the attack drops off, but much of that can be minimised with EQ tweaks or just leaving the boost on when rolled down as it tightens and brightens the tone.
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    These sound like they would work very well. I play cleanish very rarely and use far more gain than ACDC crunch for my basic sound so all this depends on ones style.
    When cleanish my gain is 7 and I drop the guitar volume down. After that she's full up.
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    After reading this post, than I'd say I'm in the ballpark as
    I don't run my amp's gain very high....more like a Jimmy Page gain style. With one Les Paul, I'm noticing the attacking and clarity start to go around 8 to 9 on the guitar volumes. Another Les Paul only goes to 9 for the neck and 8.5 on the bridge pup before loosing attack. I can improved on that only barely by using amp gain and volume.

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