Midi controller with dsl40cr?

Discussion in 'Marshall Amps' started by Gomnana, Jan 29, 2020.

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    Hi, first post. Nice to meet everyone!

    I'm interested in getting a midi controller for my DSL, and I have found a MeloAudio Midi Controller for sale. Has anyone used this with their dsl before?

    I've found one video on YouTube showing that you can use it to switch between all four "channels" (although officially the amp only has 2 channels). But unfortunately, it didn't show whether or not the midi controller can switch between the 2 master volumes nor did it show the fx loop being switched on and off.

    Switching between the 2 master volumes is something I'd be very interested in, so I thought I'd sign up here and ask if anyone has experience using this controller to do so.

    I'd get the official Marshall PEDL-91016 footswitch, but it hasn't been released here in South Korea (gear always gets released a lot later here).

    Maybe I should also note that I have never used or messed around with midi before...I'm entirely clueless about it all.
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    I run my DSL40CR with a Boss GT-100 using MIDI control.
    The channel switching works automatically with the GT as the banks of 4 patches send the four PC messages needed:

    PC0 = Classic Gain Green
    PC1 = Classic Gain Red
    PC2 = Ultra Gain Green
    PC3 = Ultra Gain Red

    These then repeat with the next bank for:
    PC4 = Classic Gain Green
    This is what the manual means by "Amp channels mapped to every four PC values".

    For MVs and FX loop:
    CC1 Num 14 / CC1 Val 0 = Master Green
    CC1 Num 14 / CC1 Val 1 = Master Red

    CC1 Num 13 / CC1 Val 0 = Loop Off
    CC1 Num 13 / CC1 Val 1 = Loop On

    I did manage to get this to work with the GT, but only partially.
    You need to program a button for each of the modes.
    i.e. one for MV1 and one for MV2. Same for FX loop.
    You can't have a latching, single button option. (or at least I couldn't get it to work with Boss FS-5U footswitches)
    Using up 4 buttons for all this with the GT was just too much.
    The MeloAudio looks to have plenty of buttons for the job, but the Bank change switches may go unused.

    I did find this on the same subject: https://my.marshall.com/forum/question/1872/can't-find-a-pedl-91016-footswitch-for-my-dsl40cr-amp

    If you do eventually find the PEDL-91016, it is a far simpler switching solution.
    Some have had problems with the PEDL-91016 that were solved by the use of a TRS cable instead of the supplied TS cable.
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    Water Side of WA State

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