KATANA HEAD. 100/50/.05

Discussion in 'Other Amps' started by mtm105, Jul 14, 2019 at 8:51 AM.

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    Seems like a nice toy. I've read reviews peeps think its BETTER than Kemper. Other reviews BETTER than the Code.

    $250 used it's a LOT of amplification. Unlike most Solid States, you have to wait a few seconds for amp to warm up. BOSS Mods usually suck tone. Delay and Reverb good.

    If you have a tone in mind, you'll likely find it here. Blindfold comparisons not sure, yet. It's simple enough and that is what works for me. Too complicated, I'm lost...

    It's something I like to play around with, before going back and forth between my boutiques.

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    At $250 Better than a 2k kemper? I wouldn't bet on than..but a cool amp on the cheap no doubt.

    I know not the 100, but I bought the Katana 50 combo at the Pawnshop for $107 out the door. No regrets for the price. Has some good tones in it, effects are good. I haven't tried any downloads yet but just running with the factory defaults I can get some decent sounds. Not going to replace any of my tube amps but for a take outside on the deck amp works very well.

    I had a code 50 combo for a while and it was a buzzy rattle trap with any volume, and just poorly physically constructed. This Katana seems way better built than the code. They may have the same innards I don't know, as I haven't looked inside the Boss yet, but the inclosure seems to be built way stouter, and doesn't sound like it's ready to explode when you turn up the volume.
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