JVM vs JCM2000

Discussion in 'Marshall Amps' started by DragonSarc, Feb 2, 2009.

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    how does the JCM 2000 TSL compare to The JVM 210 same amount of channes but is it more gain? better built? has a rectifier?
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    All I know is that out of all the Marshalls I have ever played, the only one I've heard with more gain than a JVM's most gainy channel and mode is the MF350, which have so much gain they have to pipe in extra gain from the moon just to turn them on. We're talking serious beehives at these kind of gain levels. I think some amps have way too much, which just encourages some people to use it! Some of these guys' guitar tone sounds like personal vibrators. Different, ahhhh, strokes I guess...

    But anyway yea I think a JVM has a little more gain than any JCM2000, JCM900, or like I said, anything except an MF350.

    The JVM sure does have a lot of nice sounds though. I think its a better amp than the TSL, no doubt.
  3. MonstersOfTheMidway

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    Hello. The JVM can produce some amazing tones. I would also agree that the JVM can produce more gain than a DSL or TSL, all stock. I still love the tones from the DSL and TSL, but I knew from the first time I demoed the JVM410H that I had finally found the tones I was looking for. Simply put, the JVM is the nastiest amp I have ever used. Wicked! But I will say that the JVM is not for everybody as it is, in my opinion, an amp that is very different from anything Marshall has ever produced. I'd suggest that you take your favorite guitar down to a store and demo the JVM through a 1960 cabinet and see for yourself. I don't believe that the JVM uses a rectifier, but I could be wrong. Yet I do know that the jvm does not employ diode clipping, just pure tube tone. Have fun demoing new equipment.

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