JVM Longevity

Discussion in 'Marshall Amps' started by newfiesig, Feb 28, 2020.

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    So I'm pairing down on kit considerably, which also means that I don't have much backup equipment.

    From what I understand about the JVM, as it is PCB based (there are 3 PCBs in total), it is often easier/cheaper to replace the board than to pay a tech to repair it. Does this sound right?

    And how is the availability of spare parts? As I plan to keep this amp for the long haul, I am considering picking up a spare of the 3 boards.
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    I have had my jvm410h since they first came out (2007?) and she is still going fine. Im not a full time musician, but between gigs and practice she was used a solid 9 hours a week for about 7 years or so. Only less now as I have a lot of other heads I enjoy. I do have some concern over the PCBs over time, but I have digital rack gear from the 90s that has zero issues (other then the dumb-ass engineers that chose soldered batteries...wtf). A peice of me wish marshall would make a basic JVM handwired with nothing digital, just for the concerns you noted as I could see owning a head like that until Im dead, and then they can bury me with it. :)
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