JMP 2150 100 watt combo 1978 with EVM12L 100 watt speaker

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    Rare 1978 "Rock 'n Roll Baby" 100 watt combo with PPIMV (Master Volume) and new EL34 valves (4). Recapped with new audio / filter caps from Tube Amp Doctor. Refitted with vintage EVM12L (8 ohm) 200 watt speaker. Marshall and EVM12L is the Holy Grail combination for UK vintage blues rock sound. This is an animal of an amp which will give you all the crunch you need but it is heavy (as in kilogrammes) so get ready for a workout. Four inputs (2 bright and 2 normal) . Very rare amplifier, only 400 2150s ever made.

    Audio sample


    Dublin, Ireland

    100_2971.JPG 100_2974.JPG 100_2976.JPG DSC_0128.JPG DSC_0129.JPG DSC_0126.JPG

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