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Discussion in 'The Workbench' started by Gene Ballzz, Nov 23, 2019.

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    Well Fine Folks,
    I've been bustin' everybody's chops and beggin' for awhile for help and advice with effects loops in amps not designed for them. Well I just installed a passive loop (just two jacks, one of them a switching jack) into my bone stock 5E3 Tweed Deluxe and it works very well, for my purposes! Delay/reverb before the input of the amp sounds (IMHO) like doo-doo!

    It's inserted it at the blue arrow:
    FWIW, I'm an echo/delay junkie and like it best when gently "softened" with a little bit of reverb. On the plus side, I don't use stomp/pedal/foot/thingies for this purpose, but instead semi professional, sound system style, rack mount units, currently a Lexicon MX300, which can provide up to a five second "tap tempo" synchronized delay and reverb at the same time. It also provides the more professional options of being able to choose either +4db or -10db operation for the output and at least a level control on the input. I am amazed and so pleased at being able to have nicely operating reverb and delay added to my Tweed Deluxe!

    While I would love to have a nicely buffered loop such as the ones offered by Metropoulos and Granger, but don't want to suck down the limited B+ in the 5E3 and there is simply not enough real estate to install one in the chassis. I figured if the passive loop didn't work well, at least it could provide the access point to utilize some sort of external loop that I could find/design/build. This no longer seems necessary. It has however inspired me to decide to put at least a passive loop into everything I build and at least drill the holes with the spacing to accommodate the Granger Loop that I have used and liked on other amps. Kurt Granger designed in a cool feature that has level control pots on both input and output and they get accessed with a small screwdriver, through the jacks. very well thought out and surprisingly transparent!


    I would however appreciate any advice and/or comments concerning any long term pitfalls in my current configuration/usage!

    Thanks Fine Folks,
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    I have simple insert loops on a few projects as well. Then my old Ampeg V4 had them as well. They do work well. Simple series insert.

    I would say to just be careful with the signal level through there. What you should do when you can, is take AC signal level reading at the insert while you are playing the amp at the max level you will be using. If you end up with something around 1VAC on the high peaks, that is more than safe. If yo get up a bit over 1VAC, that miht still be no harm on your pedals/FX. Does that Lexicon have input/output controls? If so, that is a huge plus on these type of loops as you can adjust the input to safe levels, then raise the output to get the signal back. That is basically what the buffered loops are doing . . . .

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