Gibson Lays Off Workers At Nashville Plant

Discussion in 'The Backstage' started by Eddie van Damon, Feb 28, 2018.

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    Things don't work out well for workers when things go bad in the biz.

    I recall my last office job.............the president told me, "Lou, we love you, we want you to stay here forever".

    I was on cloud nine.

    6 months later, he let me go........."things were not going well for the company".

    I didn't see it coming.

    I was crushed.

    Forever didn't last long.

    I had the longest train ride home to tell my wife the news.

    I've been self employed ever since then.

    IMO, you're as good as your last paycheck.

    When you're a small cog or middle management, you need to not over extend your stay.

    Don't burn your bridges but be very aware of the business you're in.

    I became a very cynical SOB at 27.

    I'm 65 now and did the dance on my own with a very understanding wife.

    I feel terrible for those Gibson employees that were let go.

    It's a shame.
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    a real mess
    example -- saved up money -- ordered the modern firebird -- UPS man brought it --
    opened it -- it really was a box of technological shit -- every detail- it even smelled bad.
    Took it to the closest GC - refund -- got a really good LP instead.
    The LP is the "custom" series -- been around for decades -- a really good guitar -- like a grand piano
    my old LP is great - somewhat worn from making noise with it for years.
    Also, really good instrument. LP bass -- in a league of its own.
    Those are not for sale.

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