Fs: Splawn Supersport Amplifier In Mini Headbox

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    Splawn Amplification SuperSport Amplifier in Mini Headbox
    2-Channel 22-Watt 6V6 head, has custom Solo Boost option (variable level). Very compact, is mounted in a "mini" head box cabinet. Great cleans, and the OD channel can get very chunky, overdriven, and loud. Very usable Master Volume to control overall level and not affect tone.
    4 x 12AX7 preamp tubes and 2 x 6V6 power amp tubes.
    Not interested in any trades.
    $1000.00 shipped in the CONUS

    Includes foot switch, 25' cable, padded cover, power cable. In excellent condition, never gigged. Built by Scott Splawn in North Carolina.
    • 22 watts - w/ 2 6V6 power Tubes
    • Channel 1 (clean) - Master Volume, Gain Control, Shared EQ
    • Channel 2 (overdrive) - Master Volume, Gain Control, Shared EQ
    • 4 Button Footswitch - #1 Clean/Overdrive - #2 Mode 1st Gear/2nd gear- #3 OD1/OD2 - #4 Boost
    • Series Effects Loop - w/ true-bypass and adjustable +4db/-10db switch
    • Loop Volume Control for low volume playing.
    • Impedance Selector - 8/16 ohms
    • Mini Headbox Weight 35lbs Dim W 20-3/8" H 10" D 8.5"
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Nice amp

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