Fishman Fluence Dt Set Wiring?

Discussion in 'The Workbench' started by justinrhoads80, Oct 15, 2018.

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    So I plan on getting a Fishman Devin Townsend set for my new upcoming guitar and I just had some questions for how the wiring would go since Fishman doesn't have a lot of wiring diagrams for different things and setups and such.

    So the guitar I will be putting these in has a 3 way toggle pickup switch and 3 pots. I want to have a 2 vol and 1 tone pot setup on this guitar, and I am also willing to look into banishing the tone pot and just putting a toggle switch for what I want to do.

    So the DT set I know has 3 voicings to it and I would like to be able to access all three settings. I was thinking that for the 2 volumes, I use the two push/pull pots for switching from voice one to voice 3 (Going from the heavy metal of voice 1 to the humbucker voicing of the single coils in voice 3.)

    Then if possible I was thinking for the tone pot or possible toggle switch that when swapped up it bypasses the other two things on the volumes and turns both pickups into voice 2 with the single coil sounds. I know that this might be fairly complicated to do and I know that the DT set only comes with 2 push/pull pots so would I have to ask Fishman for an additional one? Could I just get any regular ol push pull pot to do the job?

    I know this is a lot to ask and if you guys need me to further clarify, please feel free to ask as I would like to know how to wire this myself, and if I can't find my answers, I will probably end up bringing it to my luthier and let him deal with it. I will also give Fishman a call to see if they can add more to this or even make me a diagram to help me with this

    Any thoughts on this? I know DT himself has his own configuration, but I just wanted to know if the way I wanted to set mine up would be doable.


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