Contact Cement for recovering tolex?

Discussion in 'Building the Classics' started by tonejunkie99, Aug 19, 2019.

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    Hello all, I am starting to build cabinets again and the makers of the adhesive I used before has gone out of business. My market is mainly down here in Texas where it's hotter than H and the last thing I need is tolex peeling off customers cabinets from the heat of glowing tubes or a hot car... Does anyone out there know of something equivalent to the quality of TRUGLU? it's currently marketed by MOJO, but it's $80 per gallon... The stuff I used before was just as good but closer to $35 / gal... Any suggestions out there? BTW 3M and lumber yard stuff wont do, been there done that...
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    I've never had a failure with Weldwood contact cement, if applied properly. As long as it comes in a quart can and it's intended to be rolled or brushed on.

    The spray-on contact cement is complete garbage. I tried that ONCE. Never again.

    I slightly thin the Weldwood cement out of the can and apply it with my spray rig. I have one spray gun that is dedicated only to contact cement. Get a cheap import
    Binks copy and use that. And if you keep it sealed up you can leave the cement in it for a very long time. If you run it dry, half fill it with mineral spirits, seal it up, and
    let it soak itself out for a good long while as part of the cleanup process.
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    Dec 27, 2009
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