Checked The Factory Bias Setting On My Dsl 100h...

Discussion in 'The Workbench' started by harleytech, Jan 10, 2017.

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    Dec 24, 2016
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    Just sitting around today I'm still off of work from back surgery , But healing good.
    Picked up a new DSL 100H right before Christmas with the matching MX4x12 cab,
    which by the way sounds awesome. So after reading all the bias threads , I thought just for giggles I would check mine....Took it out of the head and warmed it up for a while... Stock Marshall EL-34 tubes - Pin #3 plate voltage on all tubes 460.
    Checked mv at the three pins and I had 77.5 on right side and 76.9 on left - So Not bad...
    I checked with the Weber bias calculator and for 460 and EL-34's it was 38mv times 2 = 76
    So not bad from factory. I tweaked them a little more closer to 76 and I got right side 76.3
    Left side 76.1. I figured that's about as close as I'm gonna get them so I left it, Waited about a half hour fired it up again let it sit at idle for a while and got same numbers. Done. That's 70%
    But at the very least I know now ! I wrote everything down and stashed it with the manual.
    If and when I get new tubes , It will be no problem to check the bias... Afterwards I fired it up and played for a while...Still sounds great !
    So I guess they are checking these pretty close at the factory..Or I got a good one
    Lol... I just had to know....
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