Can't Get Jvm410h Fx Loop To Work...

Discussion in 'Marshall Amps' started by SLTR, Mar 23, 2018.

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    Hi guys,

    I bought a JVM410H just yesterday, it's my first REAL marshall having owned an MG30fx and an AVT150 previously. However this is the first time i've come to try and put pedals through an effects loop, more specifically I'm trying to route my MXR Phase 90 & TC Alter Ego V2 through the series effects loop.

    My problem is, when in passive mode I get NO signal from these effects atall and when setting the loop to active I get a VERY low level and very distorted signal from them but this is completely drowned out by the dry signal from the amp. Using the parallel loop has similar results except I cannot get any signal from that atall, it's as if there was nothing plugged into the loop!

    TL;DR: I cannot get my delay and phaser to work in the JVM effects loop.

    Thanks in advance,
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    Hello Sam.

    When you write "passive mode" and "active," it leads me to believe you have connected your effects to the "POWER AMP INSERT/SERIAL LOOP." If you have connected your effects into the "POWER AMP INSERT/SERIAL LOOP," then you are in the wrong loop for stomp box effects.

    You need to connect stomp box effects into the "SERIAL/PARALLEL FX LOOP." After you have connected your stomp box effects into the "SERIAL/PARALLEL FX LOOP" you can set the mix control and the FX level switch to your liking.

    Some tips:
    1) for starters, simplify by connecting just one pedal in the JVM "SERIAL/PARALLEL FX LOOP" and set your individual effect level high (100% if possible). The reason for going this is so that you start with a strong signal coming out of the effect that is easy to hear (you can back off of the level(s) later).

    2) for starters, set the mix control all the way to "wet" on the JVM "SERIAL/PARALLEL FX LOOP." You can later back off from "wet" to find a mix that is right for you.

    3) set the fx level for -10dBV. -10dBV is suggested as the typical setting for stomp box/pedal effects.

    Let us know how things sound. Good luck with your gear.

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