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Discussion in 'The Tone Zone' started by Phony iommi, Apr 14, 2019.

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    Mar 16, 2019
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    i currently use the Ibanez sound tank auto wah and it’s decent but I’m looking to try something different. The sound tank is a bit thin sounding and limited in my opinion. Anyone use the AW-3? If so what’s your opinion on it?
    I’m also open to any other suggestions on a auto wah pedal. Thanks!
  2. Jon C

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    May 29, 2017
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    Wa State
    I’m very pleased with my EQD Spatial Delivery !!
  3. MonstersOfTheMidway

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    I've used Boss AW-2 (discontinued) and AW-3. Both are great units, but AW-3 offers more features and a bit more control over your auto wah sound.

    Since you described your current auto wah as "a bit thin sounding and limited" I think you'll notice a positive difference with the AW-3. The range of frequencies is very good on the AW-3 and in my opinion only deviates slightly from the bypassed tone, but what you get is very impressive when you engage the AW-3. Lots of features let you customize the sound of the auto wah in the AW-3 with it's five modes control.

    You could always further customize a auto wah by implementing an EQ pedal. I've done that in the past with other auto wahs and have had pretty good success. You could try an EQ pedal to help with the "thin sounding" of your current auto wah before buying a new auto way (not sure if you already have an EQ pedal, but try borrowing one from a friend first if you can).

    I also like using various envelop filters for my auto wah needs. I currently use envelop filters and auto wah from Digitech and Line 6 (I'm using their multi-effects units). There are also other good auto wah/envelope filters from companies like TC Electronic that are of high quality. I'm a proponent of auto and I prefer using auto wah as much as possible because I hate being stuck in one place in an off-balance orientation just to manipulate those stupid manual wah pedals (if the song absolutely demands manual wah, I'll use it, but it's always as the last resort.

    Anyways, that's it. I suggest trying the AW-3 before you buy so that you will know first hand if it's the right device for you. If you can "try before you buy" then try to buy from a dealer with a good return/exchange policy (such as a 30 trial period with money back guarantee).

    Good luck with your decision. Let us know what you decide.
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