Apart from shopping and other men, what do women want ??

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    NW NJ Exit 25
    Scarlett Johansson was once so distracted by her own cleavage on a billboard advertisement that she nearly crashed her car.

    A protein called CD36 has been discovered in metastatic cancer cells. Research shows that cancer stops spreading if the protein is blocked.

    Kissing is healthier than shaking hands.

    A person with damage to the right brain hemisphere can develop a "joke addiction," - a compulsive need to constantly make and tell jokes.

    More than 1 in 5 teenagers experience some level of depression during their teens.

    Created in 1956, the first ever VCR was the size of a piano.

    The brain named itself.

    The literal meaning of “Once in a blue moon” is once every 2.7 years.

    Billionaire Chuck Feeney gave away more than 99% of his $6.3 billion to help underprivileged kids go to college – He’s now worth $2 million.

    have we checked all food to see if exploding them makes them into something better??
    or did we just stop with corn?

    I can't believe California hasn't figured out that all they have to do is ban wildfires.

    Most people write congrats they don't know the spelling of congrajulashions.

    My wife tripped and dropped the basket of clothes she had just ironed.
    I watched it all unfold.

    Hey, I just met you.
    And you’re a white whale.
    But here’s my harpoon.
    So call me Ishmael.

    *runs away from it all*
    *runs back*
    *grabs phone charger*
    *runs away from it all again*

    b, p, d and q are the same f**king letter and no one talks about it.

    A bout of depression in the midst of living your life is a lot like sneezing while driving. You can’t stop the car, and you can’t really control the sneeze, so you just cross your fingers and hope you don’t die.

    Being an introvert allows me to care about humanity and despise human beings, simultaneously.

    Instant pancake mix box: just add water
    Me: sounds easy
    Oh no, too thick [adds more water]
    Oh no, too runny [adds more mix]
    *Three hours later* a lovely breakfast of 137 pancakes.


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    It's fun watching your collections of mental party mix become more and more refined over time. It's like listening to someone learning a musical instrument over time. It's like readers digest with a dab of nitrous oxide
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    Women, not unlike men, want their intelligence appreciated, their ego satisfied and their senses gratified.
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    "I can't believe California hasn't figured out that all they have to do is ban wildfires." So funny...and flooding.
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    Most just want their ego boosted.Gratifying senses requires effort and becomes a task to most.I relate these findings to the many pretend girlfriends I have at work.They can be jealous,possessive,yet there is no real relationship.Yet the game is played daily,with no real outcome
    except an ego boost,or a jab at past heartaches.Let the games continue.This is how myself and other disfunctional middle aged single folks get by.But to pursue anything further is just tedious,and out of the comfort zone.Ahh..adult childplay in the blue collar production plant.
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