Anyone Own Or Tested Out A Port City 2x12 Cabinet?

Discussion in 'Cabinets & Speakers' started by oachs83, Feb 21, 2017.

  1. oachs83

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    Mar 12, 2012
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    Now that I have got my JCM900 2500 MKiii all fixed up ready to go I want to get a good cabinet. The gigs we do are really not all that big and my DSL40c works just fine for volume but a 2x12 just feels so much better and pushes more air. It's more for me as I really don't think anyone in the audience would care lol. Anyways I understand a 4x12 is the best solution for feel but I want that happy medium as far as getting better tone/feel onstage and still being portable enough as to not lugging a 4x12 cab.

    I currently have two cabs a JCM2000 TSL 2x12 which is now re branded JVMC212 and a Jet City 212s+ cab. I actually prefer the Jet City over the TSL cab. One it just seems to sound better to me and two it's an extension cab for a combo amp so the head does not sit on it properly. Even though I prefer the Jet City does not mean I think it's the end all.

    I keep coming across posts about Port City cabs and read a few great reviews but have not come across anyone running it with a Marshall head. I have a Eminence redcoat and a Celestion Vintage 30 that need a new home and was just curious is it really a great cab everyone is saying it is? I have my eye on the standard cab not the over sized one. Thank You.
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    cambridgeshire uk
    I just built a 2x12 with an empty palmer 2x12 cab with 2 eminence rex speakers and it was so easy,plug in the spade terminals screw in the speakers from the front , the front grill velcrows back on , plug in and go with a neat little book explaining wiring options , I brought 2 more and intend to use up some speakers I have and these palmer cabs are actually made by eminence
    closed back and a nice tight sound and seem strongly made -if ya can't buy what ya want build it
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  3. SG~GUY

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    Jan 27, 2010
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    -never tried a port city 2x12, but if you ever run across a Genz Benz ported 2x12 jump on it, the best & biggest sounding 2x12 I've ever tried, even the stock speakers are good!!.. There's also 4x12 version which I don't like at all, these were a George Lynch Sig, cab/s.
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    I am new to this forum so I am years late but, I have the Port City OS Vertical Wave 2x12 loaded with a WGS Et-65 and a Celestion Gold and I love the sound (but, I play ambient style guitar and I use the Port City Pearl 50W head with it which is an amazing pedal platform)

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