8" Cab & Speaker knowledge required.

Discussion in 'Cabinets & Speakers' started by Madfinger, Mar 30, 2020.

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    I've decided to try and knock up a lightweight cab for a Micro Terror combo project but I need to use someone else's brain regarding cab dimensions & 8" speaker coice.
    I assume closed back will shave a bit of treble off such a small cone & make a small recess in the back for the little amp to fit and breath all of which I can do .... But as stated I'm after suggestions on cab dimensions & 8ohm, 25w - 35w 8" speaker with some balls.
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    If you have the specs for the speaker you are using, there are the numbers which are used to calculate cabinet volume.
    The cabinet can also have a port to improve bass response.

    Sometimes the speaker manufacturer will recommend an internal volume, or provide cabinet plans.
    Try Weber Speakers, he has a lot of different 8 inch guitar speakers.
    https://www.tedweber.com/media/cabdims.pdf Here are the cabinet dimensions for Weber.
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    All of the hunting, poking and experimenting [you could call it study but I'm a bit undisciplined for that] I've done on speaker cab design for guitar has come to the conclusion that you can build them too small and you can build them too big BUT that there is a lot of volume [cm/in³] cab wise between those too extremes that yield a good sounding cab. Thiele-Small parameters were calculated for Hifi / linear speaker systems to accurately reproduce music. The low freq used is below what a guitar puts out - unless you're running detuned which isn't the best use of an 8". The good news is the T/S parameters won't hurt the cab design for guitar cabs - just they're not the only way to tone heaven.

    I built a 2x8 and later a 4x8 cab that mimicked a Marshall 1960 A proportionally - both were surprising punchy and full sounding with a bass heavy Mesa Mini Rec. An amp with less low end might not be as pleasing.

    For ease of construction I'd build a sectioned off slot to stuff the Mini Terror into for transport. That way you don't have to worry about ventilation. Weber's cab dims for the 8" yield around 1120in³ [assuming 3/4" material which is what I use]. How they got to that number I don't know - they may only specify dims for open back - the size is to fit the amp chassis and tube clearance with the speaker. Just add the volume for the amp's compartment to it. My 4x8 cab's volume was about 3150in³ as a reference.

    The other option is to look at Orange's 1x8 cab and duplicate it's volume plus the amp compartment.

    I wouldn't go thinner than 1/2" or 13mm unless you like to add bracing to control resonance.

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