4x12 Stereo Cab // How to wire the speaker?

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    I have a Vintage 4x12 Cab with 16ohm Speakers. The stereo switch is broken since years and a friend of mine wired the speakers so i have a constant mono 4 ohm input. that was never a problem because my old amp has a (at least)4ohm speaker output. my new amp has 2x 8ohm and 1x 16ohm speaker outputs. so im interested in getting the original wiring back. i have ordered a new jacket (instead of the rms i think its commen to this):

    i can imagine how i have to wire the speakers to get the 4ohm mono input and the the 2x 8ohm stereo inputs.
    i think its something like this, please correct me if im wrong:
    i guess the switch just seperates the two speaker groups in stereo mode and put them parrellel in mono mode.

    but as you can see on the jack, there is the option to use the box with a 16ohm input in mono mode as well. this is what im interested in.
    if i had not the opportunity to use my cab in 16ohm mode, i have to occupy two of the three speaker outputs of my new amp. this is ok for rehearsel etc. when i only use one cab.
    but i'd rather would use the 16ohm output for my cab and keep the opportunity to use a second 8ohm cab for live situations etc.
    so the original options of the switch are perfect for my amp and i would like to have the original speaker wiring back.

    but i can't imagine how the switch can put the speaker into a 16ohm constellation. i think, two make 4 speakers (each 16ohm) to 16ohm cab i would have to wire them like this (correct me if im wrong):

    how can the switch do that? how do i have do wire the speakers to get them in 16ohm constellation using the right input in mono-mode and get them into 4ohm constellation using the left one in mono-mode/ get them into 2x 8ohm constellation in stereo mode?

    sorry for my english and thank you very much.
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    I cant seem to find just the right diagram, to use 16 Ohm speakers, giving 2 x8 Ohms in stereo plus 4Ohm and 16Ohm mono options. It must be out there somehere. It would be crazy to need to redraw such a standard diagram.

    If you use two cabs, they need to be the same Ohms. You dont want any settings that give 32Ohms - no use for those.

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